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Liste aller Musikalben
222017you are creating: limb11
spock’s beard2000V1
!!!(chk chk chk)2017shake the shudder1
!!!(chk chk chk)2010strange weather, isn’t it?1
!!!(chk chk chk)2007myth takes1
!!!(chk chk chk)2013thr!!!er1
!!!(chk chk chk)2001!!!1
!!!(chk chk chk)2008louden up now1
!!!(chk chk chk)2015as if1
10cc1975the original soundtrack1
10cc1978bloody tourist1
10ccgreatest hits & more2
120 days2007120 days1
3 doors down2012greatest hits1
65daysofstatic2009escape from new york1
65daysofstatic2004the fall of math1
65daysofstatic2005one time for all time1
65daysofstatic2007the destruction of small ideals1
65daysofstatic2005hole (ep)1
65daysofstatic2006radio protector1
65daysofstatic2007don’t go down to sorrow1
65daysofstatic2008the distant and mechanised glow ….1
65daysofstatic2003unreleased unreleasable2
65daysofstatic2006b-sides and rarities1
65daysofstatic2006live at maida vale1
65daysofstatic2011silent running1
65daysofstatic2013wild light1
7 L + esoteric2002dangerous connection1
a liquid fire2014the largest fire known to man1
a mountain of one2008collected works1
a mountain of one2009institute of joy1
a perfect circle2004emotive1
a storm of light2009forgive us our tresspasses1
abbathe complete studio recordings9
abbagold – greatest hits1
abel ganz2014abel ganz1
able tasmansstore in a cool place1
absynthe minded2010absynthe minded1
acdc1980back in black – remastered 20091
acdc2008high voltage – greatest hits2
ace of cups2018ace of cups2
action action2006an army of shapes between wars1
adam haworth stephens2011we live on cliffs1
admiral james t.bring me the head of gordon sumner1
adrian belewdiskografie14
adrian belew power trio2009e1
adriano celentano2009greatest hits2
adventcantus firmus1
advent2015silent sentinel1
aereogramme2007my heart has a wish …..1
aerosmithnine lives1
aerosmith2011the essential aerosmith2
afghan whigsgentleman1
africa hitech201193 million miles1
agent fresco2012a long time1
ages and ages2014divisionary1
a-hagreatest hits2
ahmad jamaldiskografie30
aimee mannbachelor no.21
airtalkie walkie1
air10’000 hz legend1
airthe virgin suicides (soundtrack)1
airmoon safari1
air2006late night tales (remixes)1
aireverybody hertz1
airpremiers symptomes1
air2007pocket symphony1
air2009love 21
air2012le voyage dans la lune1
airbag2011all rights removed1
airbag2013the greatest show on earth1
airbag2020a day at the beach1
akron/family2011the cosmic birth and journey of shinju TNT1
al stewartyear of the cat1
al stewart2008sparks of ancient light1
al stewart2001down in the cellar1
al stewart1978time passages1
al stewart1973past, present, future1
al stewart1975modern times1
al stewart1972orange1
al stewart198024 carrots1
al stewart1969love chronicles1
alabama 310 steps1
alabama 31997exile on coldharbour lane1
alabama 32000la peste1
alabama 32003last train to mashville vol. l1
alabama 32005outlaw1
alabama 32002power in the blood1
alabama shakes2015sound & color1
alan parsons project2002anthology1
alan parsons project1981eye in the sky1
alan parsons project1977i robot1
alan parsons project1978pyramid1
alan parsons project1976tales of mystery and imagination1
alan parsons project1980the turn of a friendly card1
alanis morissette2005the collection (best of)1
alanis morissette2012havoc and bright lights1
alanis morissette2013live at montreux 20121
album leaf2006into the blue again1
alcoholic faith mission2012ask me this1
alcoholic faith mission2009421 wythe avenue1
alcoholic faith missionlet this be the last night we care1
alcoholic faith missionmisery loves company1
alcoholic faith mission2015orbitor2
alev lenz2009story telling piano playing fräulein1
alice cooper1971killer1
alice cooper1972schools out1
alice cooper2011welcome 2 my nightmare1
alice cooper1973billion dollar babies1
alice cooper1989trash1
alice donut2009ten glorious animals1
all the witches2018atw1
all them witches2012our mother electricity1
all them witches2013lightning at the door1
all them witches2017sleeping through the war1
all them witches2015dying surfer meets his maker1
all them witches2018atw1
all we are2015all we are1
allah-las2014worship the sun1
aloe blacc2010good things1
altare thotemico2013sogno errando1
alt-j2012an awesome wave1
alt-j2014this is all yours1
aluna george2013body music1
americagreatest hits1
amon düül 21972wolf city1
amplifier2011the octopus2
amplifier2013echo street1
amplifier2017trippin‘ with dr. faustus1
amy winehouse2007back to black1
amy winehouse2011hidden treasures1
ana popovic2013can you stand the heat1
anathema2010were here because were here1
anathema2012weather systems1
anathema2014distant satellites1
anathema2001a fine day to exit1
anathema2018internal landscapes (best of)1
ancestors2012in dreams and time1
and you will know us by the trail of deadmadonna1
and you will know us by the trail of deadso divided1
and you will know us by the trail of deadsource tags & codes1
and you will know us by the trail of deadworlds apart1
and you will know us by the trail of dead2014lV1
and you will know us by the trail of dead2020the goodless void and other stories1
andrew bird2007armchair apocrypha1
andy partridge & harold buddthrough the hill1
anekdoten2007a time of day1
anekdoten2015until all the ghosts are gone1
angel olsen2014your fire for no witness1
angelique kidjoayé1
angels in the architecturee.g. compilation1
anglagard2012viljans oga1
anglagard2014Prog pa svenska: Live in Japan2
anima mundi2013the lamplighter1
animal collective2007strawberry jam1
animal collective2009merriweather post pavilon1
animal collective2012centipede hz1
animal trainer2014wide1
animals as leaders2014the joy of motion1
anna calvi2018hunter1
annett louisan2007das optimale leben1
annett louisan2005unausgesprochen1
anohni2017paradise (ep)1
another sky2020i slept on the floor1
antenacamina del sol remixes1
anthony joseph + spasm band2011rubber orchestras1
antimatter2007living eden1
antimatter2010alternative matter2
antimatter2012fear of a unique identity1
antony & the johnsonsi am a bird now1
anubis2011a tower of silence1
aphex twini care because you do1
aphex twinselected ambient works1
aphex twindrukqs2
aphex twinclassics1
aphex twinselected ambient works vol. ll2
aphex twinsurfin on sine waves1
aphex twincome to daddy EP1
aphex twinrichard d.james1
aphex twinwindowlicker1
aphex twin26 Mixes for cash2
aphex twin2014syro1
aphex twin2014syro1
aphex twin2005afx – analord 1-111
aphex twin1994classics1
aphex twin1997come to daddy – ep1
aphex twin1995richard d. james album1
aphrodites child19726661
aphrodite’s childthe best of 1967-19721
apparatjjik2010we are here1
apples in stereo2007new magnetic wonder1
arab strapthe last romance1
arabs in aspic2020madness and magic1
arcade fire2005funeral1
arcade fire2007neon bible1
arcade fire2010suburbs1
arcade fire2013reflektor2
arcade fire2017everthing now1
arcane2015known – learned2
architecture in helsinkiin case we die1
architecture in helsinki2007places like this1
archiveyou all look the same to me1
archivemichel vaillant1
archivetake my head1
archive2007live at the zenith paris1
archive2009controlling crowds1
archive2012with us until you’re dead1
archive2016the false foundation1
arctic monkeys2006whatever people say ……1
arctic monkeys2007favourite worst nightmare1
arctic monkeys2009humbug1
arctic monkeys2011suck it and see1
arctic monkeys2013am1
arctic monkeys2018tranquility base hotel & casino1
arena1998the visitor1
argos2013cruel symmetry1
arik brauerdiverse1
arms and sleepers2011the organ hearts1
art brutbang bang rock & roll1
art departement2011the drawning board1
artificial intelligence2015timeline1
arzachel ( eigentlich die band egg)1969arzachel1
asaf avidan2015gold shadow1
asaf avidan2017the study on falling1
asaf avidan & the mojos2008the reckoning1
asaf avidan & the mojos2011poor boy / lucky man1
ascii.disco2010stay gold forever gold1
asgaerd1972in the realm of asgaerd1
asif avidan2012different pulses1
astra2009the weirding1
astra2012the black chord1
atlantis2011mistress of ghosts1
atomic rooster1970 -198312
atoms for peace2013amok1
attack in black2010years (by one thousand fingertips)1
attaque2014on ly ou1
atto lV2011shattered lines1
autumn chorus2012the village to the vale1
avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche2014zubberdust!1
avi buffalo2014at best cuckhold1
ayreon2008timeline – best of3
ayreon2004the human equation2
b 52′ s2008funplex1
b 52′ s1986bouncing off the satellites1
b 52′ s1989cosmic thing1
b 52′ s1982mesopotamia1
b 52′ snude on the moon – anthology2
b 52′ s1979the b-52’s1
b 52′ s1983whammy1
b 52′ s1980wild planet1
b.b.king1965live at regal1
b-52’splay loud1
b-52’sgood stuff1
babyshambles2005down in albion1
babyshambles2007shotters nation1
badly drawn boyone plus one is one1
badly drawn boythe hour of bewilderbeast1
badly drawn boyhave you fed the fish?1
badly drawn boyabout a boy (soundtrack)1
badly drawn boy2006born in the u.k.1
badly drawn boy2010what i’m thinking pt.1 – photographing snowflakes1
badly drawn boy2020banana skin shoes1
banco de gaia2013apollo1
band of skulls2012sweet sour1
band of skulls2014himalyan1
bang gang2008ghost from the past1
barclay james harvestthe harvest years2
barclay james harvesteveryone is everybody else1
barclay james harvest1974live2
barnaby bright2009wake the hero1
barock project2016vivo2
baroness2012yellow & green2
barrett elmore2012woodlands1
basement jaxx2009scars1
baskery2008fall among thieves1
batherskelvingrove baby1
battles2011gloss drop1
battles2015la di da di1
be your own pet2006be your own pet1
be your own pet2008get awkward1
beach boyssmiley smile & wild honey1
beach boyssmile1
beach boyspet sounds1
beach boys2013made in california – anthologie6
beach house2010teen dream1
beach house2012bloom1
beach house2015thank your lucky stars1
beachwood sparks2012the tarnished gold1
bear in heaven2010beast rest forth mouth1
bear in heaven2012i love you its cool1
beardfish2005the sane day2
beardfish2007sleeping in traffic – part one1
beardfish2008sleeping in traffic – part two1
beardfish2009destined solitaire1
beardfish2012the void1
beastie boys1989pauls boutique1
beastie boys1996the in sound from way out1
beastie boys1998hello nasty – remastered deluxe edition2
beatle jazz2002another bot of the apple1
beatlessgt. peppers lonely hearts club band1
beatlesrubber soul1
beatlesa hard days night1
beatleswith the beatles1
beatlesbeatles for sale1
beatlesplease please me1
beatleslive at the bbc – volume 12
beatlesabbey road1
beatleslet it be1
beatleswhite album2
beatlesmagical mistery tour1
beatlespast masters vol. II1
beatlesanthology I, II, III6
beatlesnumber 1 hits1
beatlespast masters vol. l1
beatles2003let it be naked1
beatlesthe alternate revolver1
beatles2010the red album – remastered2
beatles2010the blue album – remastered2
beatlesthe alternate white album2
beatles1968complete home recordings (Esther-Kinfauns)1
beatles2012tomorrow never knows1
beatles2013live at the bbc – volume 22
beatles2016live at the hollywood bowl1
beatlesthe seven years of christmas1
beatlesrubber soul studio sessions3
beatles2018white album super deluxe edition6
bebel gilberto2007momento1
beckmellow gold1
beck2006the information1
beck2008modern guilt1
beckmidnite vultures1
beckone foot in the grave1
becksea change1
beckstereopathetic soulmanure1
beckstray blues1
beck2014morning phase1
bee geesspicks + specks1
bee geeshorizontal1
bee geesidea1
bee geesodessa1
bee geesfirst1
beggars operaact one1
beggars operathe final curtain1
beggars operawaters of change1
beggars operaget your dog off me1
belle and sebastianfold your hands child…1
belle and sebastianif you’re feeling sinister1
belle and sebastianthe life pursuit1
belle and sebastianlazy line painter jane1
belle and sebastian2008the bbc sessions2
belle and sebastian1996tigermilk1
belle and sebastian1997dog on wheels1
belle and sebastian1998the boy with the arab strap1
belle and sebastian2000fold your hans child, you walk like a peasant1
belle and sebastian2003dear catastrophe waitress1
belle and sebastian2005push barman to open wounds2
belle and sebastian2006late night tales1
belle and sebastian2015girls in peacetime want to dance1
belle and sebastian2016the jeepster single collection2
belleruche2008the express1
belleruche2010270 stories1
belleruche2007turntable soul music1
ben watt2014hendra1
bennie maupin2007the jewel in the lotus1
bent knee2015shiny eyed babies1
bert jansch1965bert jansch1
bert jansch1969birthday blues1
bert jansch1965it don’t bother me1
bert jansch1966jack orion1
bert jansch1973moonshine1
bert jansch1967nicola1
bert jansch1071rosmary lane1
bert jansch1979avocet1
besnard lakes2007….are the dark horse1
best coast2010crazy for you1
beth gibbons & rustin manout of seasons1
bewitched hands2010birds & drums1
biffy clyro2007puzzle1
biffy clyro2011revolutions live2
biffy clyro2013opposites2
big big train2009the underfall yard1
big big train2012english electric part 11
big big train2013english electric (part two)1
big big train2016folklore1
big big train2017a stone’s throw from the line2
big big train2002bard1
big big train1997english boy wonders1
big big train2004gathering speed1
big big train1994goodbye to the age of speed1
big big train2007the difference machine1
big big train2017the second brightest star1
big big train2018merchants of lights2
big big train2019grand tour1
big chiefplatinum jive1
big star1973#1 record / radio city1
big starthird1
bigelf2009cheat the gallows1
bigelf1996closer to doom1
bigelf2000money machine1
bigelf2014into the maelstrom1
bill callahan2011apocalypse1
bill callahan2013dream river1
bill fay2012life is people1
bill fay2015who is the sender1
billie hollidaylady day2
billie hollidaythe best of1
billy idolvital idol1
billy joelpiano man1
billy talent2009billy talent lll1
billy talent2012dead silence1
birdpen2015in company of imaginary friends1
birth of joy2016get well1
björk2002greatest hits1
bjorn riis2017forever comes to an end1
black eyed peas2009the e.n.d.2
black flag1981damaged1
black francis2007bluefinger1
black merda1970black merda1
black mountain2008in the future1
black mountain2010wilderness heart1
black mountain2016lV1
black mountain2019destroyer1
black sabbath1970paranoid1
black sabbath1971master of reality1
blackfield2011welcome to my dna1
blackfield2007live in new york city2
blackfield2017blackfield V1
blind faithdeluxe 2cd edition2
blind idiot god2015before ever after1
blitzen trapper2010destroyer of the void1
blk jks2009after robots1
bloc party2016hymns1
bloc party2016hymns1
blodwyn pig1997the basement tapes (best of)1
blodwyn pig1969ahead rings out1
blonde readhead2010penny sparkle1
blonde redheadmelody of certain damaged lemo1
blonde redheadblonde redhead1
blonde redheadmisery is a butterfly1
blonde redhead2007231
blondiebest of1
blood orange2018negro swan1
blood sweat and tearsthe best of best2
blood sweat and tears1969blood sweat and tears1
blue öyster cult1974secret treaties1
blue oyster cult1973tyranny and mutation1
blue oyster cult1972blue oyster cult1
blueneck2014king nine1
blueneck2017the outpost1
blues pills2014blues pills1
blues pills2016lady in gold1
blues pills2017lady in gold – live in paris2
blurlive at the budokan2
blur2015the magic whip1
bob dylanself portrait1
bob dylanhighway 61 revisited1
bob dylanbringing it all back home1
bob dylananother side of….1
bob dylantime out of mind1
bob dylanthe 30th anniversary concert2
bob dylandesire1
bob dylanstreet legal1
bob dylanblood on the tracks1
bob dylanlove and theft1
bob dylanblonde on blonde1
bob dylantimes they are a-changin‘1
bob dylanunder the red sky1
bob dylaninfidels1
bob dylan2006modern times1
bob dylan2007dylan3
bob dylan2008bootleg series vol.8 – tell tale signs2
bob dylan2009together trough life1
bob dylan2009christmas in the heart1
bob dylan2011pure dylan1
bob dylan2012tempest1
bob dylan2013bootleg series vol 10 – another self portrait2
bob dylanbootleg series vol 7 – no direction home2
bob dylan1998bootleg series vol 4 – live 19682
bob dylan1991bootleg series vol 1-3 rare & unreleased3
bob dylan2010bootleg series vol 9 – witmark demos 1962-643
bob dylan2013side tracks2
bob dylan1975bootleg series vol 5 – the rolling thunder revue2
bob dylan1964bootleg series vol 6 – concert at philharmonica hall2
bob dylan2015bootleg series vol 12 – the cutting edge18
bob dylan2015shadows in the night1
bob dylan2016fallen angels1
bob dylan2017triplicate3
bob dylan2017bootleg series vol 13 – trouble no more8
bob dylan2018bootleg series vol 14 – more blood, more tracks6
bob dylan2019the rolling thunder revue – the 1975 live recordings14
bob dylan2020rough and rowdy ways1
bob dylan & the bandthe basement tapes2
bob dylan & the band2014bootleg series vol 11 – basement tapes complete6
bob dylan & johnny cash2019bootleg series vol 15 – travellin thru 1967-693
bob dylan20211970-3cd box3
bob marleyexodus1
bob marleybabylon by bus1
bob marleyburnin‘1
bob marleycatch a fire1
bob marleyconfrontation1
bob marleykaya1
bob marleylive1
bob marleymellow mood1
bob marleynatty dread1
bob marleyrastaman vibration1
bob marleyrebel music1
bob marleysurvival1
bob marleytalkin‘ blues1
bob marleyuprising1
bobb timle1980iro curtain innocence1
bon iver2011bon iver2
bon iverfor emma, forever ago1
bon iver201622, a million1
bon iver2019i,i1
bonaparte2008too much1
bonaparte2012sorry, we’re open1
bong2011beyond ancient space1
bonnie prince billy2003master and everyone1
bonnie prince billy2006the letting go1
bonnie prince billy2008lie down the night1
bonnie prince billy1999i see a darkness1
bonnie prince billy2014singer’s grave a Ssa of tongues1
bonnie prince billy / matt sweeneysuperwolf1
boris blank2014electrified – box set3
bosnian rainbows2013bosnian rainbows1
botox2010babylon by car1
bowerbirds2007hymns for a dark horse1
bowerbirds2012the clearing1
bowerbirds2009upper air1
boys noize2011the remixes2
brackles2010songs for endless cities1
brant bjork2007somera sól1
brant bjork & the low desert punk band2014black power flower1
brian eno2016the ship1
brian eno2017sisters1
brian eno & karl hyde2014someday world1
brian eno & karl hyde2014high life1
brian wilsonsmile1
brian wilson2010reimagines gershwin1
bright eyesi’m wide awake, it’s morning1
bright eyesdigital ash in a digital urn1
bright eyes2007cassadaga1
brightblack morning light2008motion to rejoin1
brody dalle2014diploid love1
broken records2009until the earth begins to part1
broken records2010let me come home1
broken social scene2010forgiveness rock record1
bromheads jacket2007dits from the commuter belt1
brother ape2009turbulence1
bruford levin1998upper extremities1
bryan ferry2007dylanesque1
bryan ferry1974another time, another place1
bryan ferry1985boys and girls1
bryan ferry1977in your mind1
bryan ferry1976let’s stick together1
bryan ferry1978the bride stripped bare1
bryan ferry1973these foolish things1
bryan ferry2010olympia1
bubblemath2017edit peptide1
buckethead2010shadows between the sky1
buddy guysweet tea1
bueno vista social clubbueno vista social club1
buffalo springfieldagain1
buffalo springfieldlast time around1
buffy sainte-marieilluminations1
built to spillperfect from now on1
built to spill2006you in reverse1
built to spill1999keep it like a secret1
built to spill2001ancient melodies of the future1
built to spill2006there’s nothing wrong with love1
built to spill2009there is no enemy1
built to spill2015unethered moon1
buraka som siatemablack diamond1
bushman’s revenge2012a little bit of big bonanza1
butthole surfers1996electriclarryland1
buzzcocks1978another kind of music1
buzzcockslove bites1
byrdsmr. tambourine man1
byrdsturn! turn! turn!1
byrds1968notorious byrd brothers1
cabaret voltaire1983the crackdown1
caetano velosodiskografie38
caligulas horse2017bloom1
caligulas horse2017in contact1
caligula’s horse2013the tide, the thief & river’s end1
camel1975the snow goose1
camera obscura2009my maudlin career1
canfuture days1
cantago mago1
canege bamyasi1
can1989rite time1
can1974soon over babaluma (remastered)1
can1976flow motion1
canvas solaris2010irradiance1
captain beefheartdoc at the radar station1
captain beefheart & the magic band1970lick my decals off1
car seat headrest2015teens of style1
car seat headrest2016teens of denial1
car seat headrest2018twin fantasy1
car seat headrest2020making a door less open1
caravan1971in the land of grey and pink1
caribou2014our love1
carlos santana and john mclaughlin2013live at montreux 20111
cast2018power and outcome1
cat stevensbuddha and the chocolate box1
cat stevensizitso1
cat stevenscatch bull at four1
cat stevensforeigner1
cat stevensteaser and the firecat1
cat stevenstea for the tillerman1
cat stevensultimate collection1
cat stevens2020tea for the tillerman 21
cat stevens/yusuf2006an other cup1
cat stevens/yusuf2009roadsinger to warm you…..1
cat stevens/yusuf2014tell ‚em i’m gone1
cat stevens/yusuf2017the laughing apple1
catz ndogz2010escape from zoo1
catz ndogz2009stars of zoo – remixes1
causa sui5 alben5
causa sui2013euporie tide1
celtic woman2010songs from the heart1
chad vangaalen2006skelliconnection1
charlatans2006forever. the singles1
chemical brothers2007we are the night1
chemical brothers2010further1
chicagolive at the carnegy hall3
chicago5 cd-boxset5
children of nova2012impossible landscape1
chinese man2012racing with the sun1
chris isaakwicked game1
christy doran’s new bagconfusing the spirits1
christy doran’s new bagblack box1
christy doran’s new bagheaven is back in the streets1
chrome1996chrome box3
chrome hoof2010crush depth1
chrome hoof2014chrome black gold1
chuck berrybest of2
chuck berrydiverse alben5
cinematics2007a strange education1
circa survive2005juturna1
circulus2005the lick on the tip …..1
citizen cain2012skies darken1
city and colour2011little hell1
city center2009city center1
civil twilight2010civil twilight1
clap your hands and say yeah2017the tourist1
clap your hands say yeahclap your hands….1
clap your hands say yeah2007some loud thunder1
clash1998the story of2
clawfingerdeaf dumb blind1
climax chicago blues band1970a lot of bottle1
climax chicago blues band1972rich man1
clinic2012free reign1
clutch2009strange cousins from the west1
clutch2009strange cousins1
cockney rebel / steve harleybest of1
cocorosie2007the adventures of ghosthorse….1
cocorosie2013tales of a grass widow1
cocteau twins1983head over heals1
cocteau twins1990heaven or las vegas1
cocteau twins1984treasure1
cocteau twins1988blue bell knoll1
cocteau twins2005lullabies to violaine4
cody chesnutt2012landing on a hundred1
coheed and cambriano world for tomorrow1
coheed and cambria2010year of the black rainbow1
coheed and cambria2005good apollo, i’m burning vol.11
coheed and cambria2007good apollo, i’m burning vol.21
coheed and cambria2003in keeping secrets of silent earth1
coheed and cambria2002the second stage turbine blade1
coheed and cambria2012the afterman: ascension1
coheed and cambria2013the afterman: descension1
coheed and cambria2015the color before the sun1
coldplayx & y1
coldplaya rush of blood to the head1
coldplaylive 20031
coldplay2008viva la vida1
coldplay2011mylo xyloto1
coldplay2014ghost stories1
coldplay2015a head full of dreams1
coldplay2019everyday life2
colosseum1970daughter of time1
colosseum1969the valentyne suite1
comedian harmonistsmein kleiner grüner kaktus3
comedy of errors2017house of the mind1
compilation2009dark was the night2
computerclub2008when the walls came down1
contemporary noise sextet2011ghostwriter’s joke1
cornershop1998brimful of asha1
cornershop2009judy sucks a lemon for breakfast1
cornershop1997whe i was born for the 7th time1
cosmograf2017the hay-man dreams1
country joe & the fish1967electrique music for mind and body1
courtney barnett & kurt vile2017lotta sea lice1
crash test dummiesgod shuffled his feet1
crash test dummies2010oooh la la1
cream2005ultimate cream1
cream1967fresh cream1
cream1967disraeli gears1
cream1968wheels of fire2
creedence clearwater revivalanthology6
crimson jazz trio2009king crimson songbook vol. 21
crimson jazz trio2005king crimson songbook vol. 11
crippled black phoenix2009200 tons of bad luck1
crippled black phoenix2009200 tons of bad luck1
crippled black phoenix2010i vigilante1
crippled black phoenix2012(mankind) the crafty ape3
crippled black phoenix2012no sadness or farewell (ep)1
crippled black phoenix2016bronze1
crippled black phoenix2018great escape2
crookers2010tons of friends1
crosby & nash1972crosby & nash1
crosby & nash1975wind on the water1
crosby & nash1976whistling down the wire1
crosby, stills & nashcsn1
crosby, stills & nash1971crosby, stills & nash1
crosby, stills, nash & young2014csny 19743
crosby, stills, nash and youngamerican dream1
crosby, stills, nash and youngcarry on (best of)2
crosby, stills, nash and youngdéjà vu1
crosby, stills, nash and young4 way street2
crosby, stills, nash and younghistory4
crowded housecrowded house1
crowded housetemple of low men1
crowded housetogether alone1
crowded housethe very best2
crowded houseafterglow1
crowded housewoodface1
crowded houserecurring dream2
crowded house2006farewell to the world – live2
crowded house2007time on earth1
crowded house2010intriguer1
crowded house2016time on earth2
cryptex2015madeleine effect1
crystal fighters2011star of love1
cullen omori2018the diet1
culture club200912 inch collection1
cuong vu & pat metheny2016cuong vu trio meets pat metheny1
current 932007the inmost life2
curtis mayfield1970curtis1
curved air1973air cut1
curved air1976airborne1
curved air1973lovechild1
curved air1975midnight wire1
curved air1972phantasmagoria1
curved air1971second album1
curved air1970air conditioning1
cut copy2008in ghost colours1
cut copy2006bright like neon love1
cut copy2011zonoscope1
cyann and ben2006sweet beliefs1
cymbals eat guitars2009why there are mountains1
cynic2009traced in air1
cypress hill2010rise up1
d.d dumbo2016utopia defeated1
daft punk2013random access memories1
daft punkdiskografie 1994 – 20136
dakota suite2010vallisa1
damien jurado2016visions of us on the land1
damien jurado2018the horizon just laughed1
damien jurado2016visions of us on the land1
damin albarn2014everyday robots1
dan berglunddiskografie9
dan berglund’s tonbruket2010dan berglund’s tonbruket1
dan le sac vs. scroobius pip2010logic of chance1
dan mangan2010nice, nice, very nice1
danger mouse & daniela luppi2011rome1
dark1972round the edges1
dark suns2011orange1
dark suns2011orange2
dark suns2016everchild2
darkblueworld2010the perilious beauty of madness1
darker my love200921
darwin deez2010darwin deez1
dave navarro2001trust no one1
david bowiescary monsters1
david bowieanthology 1966-19681
david bowie1972ziggy stardust1
david bowie1977low1
david bowie1967david bowie1
david bowie1969space oddity1
david bowie1970the man who sold the world1
david bowie1971hunky dory1
david bowie1973aladdin sane1
david bowie1977heroes1
david bowie1979lodger1
david bowie1983let’s dance1
david bowie1989tin machine1
david bowie1991tin machine ll1
david bowie1993black tie white noise1
david bowie1997earthling1
david bowie2002heathen1
david bowie1993the singles collection2
david bowie2016blackstar1
david bowiebest of david bowie2
david bowie2017a new career i a new town (1977-1982)11
david byrneuh-oh1
david byrnedavid byrne1
david byrnethe catherine wheel1
david byrnerei momo1
david byrnethe forest1
david byrnegrown backwards1
david byrnelook into the eyeball1
david byrnefeelings1
david byrnethe last emperor soundtrack1
david byrnemusic for the knee plays1
david byrne2018american utopia1
david byrne – fatboy slim2010here lies love2
david byrne & brian eno2008everything that happens …..1
david byrne & st.vincent2012love this giant1
david byrne / brian enomy life in the bush of ghosts1
david crosbyif i could only remember my name1
david crosby2017sky trails1
david gilmouron an island1
david gilmour2015rattle that lock1
david knopfler2018down the road wherever1
david lynch2011crazy clown time1
david sylvianthe secrets of the beehive1
david sylvianeverything and nothing2
david sylvian2007glasgow royal concert hall2
david sylvianalchemy1
david sylvianbrilliant trees1
david sylvian2009manafon1
david sylvian2014there’s a light that enters houses…..1
david sylvian / japan1991rain tree crow1
david sylvian / japantin drum 1981-842
ddmmyyyyare they masks1
ddmmyyyy2010black square1
ddmmyyyyblue screen of death1
de staat2013icon1
de wolff2011orchards lupine1
dead meadow2008old growth1
dead weather2009horehound1
dean blunt2013the redeemer1
dear hunter2016acts l – lV5
death hawks2016sun future moon1
decemberists2009the hazards of love1
decemberists2006the crane wife1
declan de barra2011fragments footprints and the forgotten1
deep purpleanthology2
deep purplelive in japan3
deep purple1968shades of deep purple1
deep purple1968the book of taliesyn1
deep purple1969deep purple1
deep purple1970deep purple in rock1
deep purple1970concerto for group and orchestra1
deep purple1971fireball1
deep purple1972machine head1
deep purple2013now what !?1
deep purple2017infinite2
def leppard1973Pyromania – remaster2
def leppard1987hysteria – remaster2
degenhardtspiel nicht mit den …..1
deichkind2006aufstand im schlaraffenland1
delta spirit2009ode to sunshine1
deltron 30302000deltron 30301
deltron 30302013event ll1
demians2008building an empire1
denis jones2010red + yellow =1
dennis wilsonpacific ocean blue / bamboo2
department of eagles2008in ear park1
depeche modethe singles 86 > 981
depeche modea broken frame1
depeche modeexiter1
depeche modeconstruction time again1
depeche modeblack celebration1
depeche modemusic for the masses1
depeche modesome great reward1
depeche modesongs of faith and devotion1
depeche modespeak & spell1
depeche modeultra1
depeche modeviolator1
depeche mode1012
depeche mode2009the sound of the universe1
depeche mode2013delta machine1
depeche mode2017spirit1
desert mountain tribe2016either that or the moon1
desert mountain tribe2018om parvat mystery1
deusin a bar, under the sea1
deusno more loud music (the singles)1
deusthe ideal crash1
deus2006pocket revolution1
deus2008vantage point1
deus2011keep you close1
deus2012following sea1
deus2014selected songs 1994 – 20142
deus ex machina2016devoto1
devendra banhart2007smokey rolls down thunder canyon1
devendra banhart2005cripple crow1
devendra banhart2007rejoicing in the hands1
devendra banhart2005oh me oh my…1
devendra banhart2004nino roio1
devendra banhart2009what will we be1
devendra banhart2016ape in pink marble1
devotchka2011100 lovers1
dewa budjana2018mahandini1
dewolff2019live & outta sight ll1
dewolff2020tascam tapes1
dexys2012one day i’m going to soar1
dexys midnight runners1980searching for the young soul1
dexys midnight runners1991the very best of1
diälek2009gutter tactics1
dieter meier2014out of chaos1
different marks2013untitled1
digital mystikz2010return ll space1
digital undergroundsex packets1
digitalism2011i love you, dude1
dinosaur jr.2009farm2
dire straitsdire straits first1
dire straits1999best of1
dire straits1982love over gold1
dire straits1983alchemy – live2
dire straits1985brothers in arms1
dirtmusic2010b k o2
dirty beaches2011badlands1
dirty pretty things2006waterloo to anywhere 061
dirty projectors2009bitte orca1
dirty projectors2012swing lo magellan1
dirty three2012toward the low sun1
disappears2012pre language1
discipline2012to shatter all accord1
disconnect2013enough blame to go around1
dissonati2012reductio ad absurdum1
district 972010hybrid child1
district 972015in vaults1
diversea luaka bop (byrne)1
diverseflower power2
diversea journey into drum ’n‘ bass2
diversewoodstock generation 1-33
diversenew wave greats 1976.19832
diverseflower power2
diversesoul hits2
diversethe soul story – time life music10
diversegreatest hits of the 80’s8
divine comedy2006victory for the comic muse1
dj danger mouse2004the grey album1
dj shadow1996endtrducing1
dj shadow1997midnight i a perfect world1
django django2018marble skies1
django django2015born under saturn1
django django2018marble skies1
django django2012django django1
django reinhardt20 reflective recordings1
doldrums2015the air conditioned nightmare1
donald fagenkamakiriad1
donald fagenbarfly1
donald fagen2006morph that cat1
donald fagen2012sunken condos1
donna regina2010the decline of female happiness1
donny mccaslin2016beyond now1
donovanthe very best of1
donovan1967a gift from a flower to a garden1
donovan1965fairytale – extended edition1
donovan1968hurdy gurdy man1
donovan1968like it is, was, and evermore shall be1
doorsabsolutely live!2
doorsbest of2
doors1967strange days1
doors1967the doors1
doors1968waiting for the sun1
doors1969the soft parade1
doors1970morrison hotel1
doors1971l.a. woman1
doves2003lost sides1
doves2002the last broadcast1
dr. dopo jam1074fat dogs & danishmen1
dr. Feelgood199725 years of ……2
dr. strangely strange1970heavy petting1
dream the electric sleep2012lost and gone forever2
dream theater2007systematic chaos1
dream theater1989when dream and day unite1
dream theater1992images and words1
dream theater2009black clouds & silver linings1
dredg2005catch without arms1
dredg2002el cielo1
dresden dolls2008no, virginia1
drever,mccusker/woomble2009before the ruin1
druckfarben2014second sound1
drywallbarbeque babylon1
duke special2006songs from the deep forest1
dungen2007tio bitar1
dungen2010skit l allt1
dungen2015allas sak1
dungen2004ta det lugnt1
duran durangreatest hits2
dweezil zappaautomatic1
ea man called e1
eagles2007long road out of eden2
earl greyhound2010suspicious package1
earthmonkey2011alms of morpheus1
earthside2015a dream in static1
east of edeneast of eden1
east of edensnafu1
east of eden1969mercator projected1
easy star all-stars2003dub side of the moon1
easy star all-stars2006radiodread1
easy star all-stars2009easy stars lonely hearts dub band1
eclipse sol-air2013schizophilia1
ed laurie2012cathedral1
ed palermo big band1997plays the music of frank zappa1
edgar broughton banddiskografie – 6 cd’s6
edwyn collinsgorgeous george1
edwyn collins2013understated1
eelsbeautiful freak1
eelsdaysies of the galaxy1
eelsblinking lights and…..2
eelslive at town hall (with strings)1
eels2008essential eels 1996 – 2006 vol.11
eels2008useless trinkets 2006 – 20062
eels2009hombre lobo1
eels2010end times1
eels2010tomorrow morning2
eels1998electro shock blues1
eels2013wonderful, glorious (deluxe edition)2
eels2013tremendous dynamite – live 2010/112
eels2014the cautionary tales of mark oliver everett2
eels2015royal albert hall2
eels2018the deconstruction1
eels2020earth to dora1
ef2010mourning golden morning1
efrim manuel menuck2011high gospel1
efterklang2010magic chairs1
egg1971the polite force1
egg1974the civil surface1
el grupo nuevo omar rodriguez lopez2009cryptomnesia1
el trio de omar rodriguez lopez2010ciencia de los inutiles VO1
elan2011next 2 last2
elbow2011build a rocket boys!1
elbow2008seldom seen kid1
elbow2014the take off and landing of everything1
elbow2017little fictions1
electric eye2017from the poisonous tree1
electric light orchestrabest of2
electric light orchestra2015alone in the universe1
electric moon2017stardust rituals1
electric orange2010krautrock from hell1
electric orange2011netto1
electric orange2014volume 101
electric orange2015netto companion1
electric orange2016misophonia1
electric president2010the violent blue1
electric soft parade2007no need to be downhearted1
electric soft paradethe american adventure1
electric soft parade2001holes in the wall1
elektrons2007red light, don’t stop1
elephant9 with reine friske2015silver mountain1
elliot smith1997either/or1
elton john1978a single man1
elton john1976blue moves1
elton johngoodbye yellow brick road1
elton john1971madman across the water1
elton john1970tumbleweed connection1
elton John1974caribou1
elton John1969empty sky1
elton John1972honky chateau1
elton John1973don’t shoot me…..1
elton John1975captain fantastic1
elton john2006the captain & the kid1
elton john1970elton john1
elton john1975rock of the westies1
elton john2013the diving board1
elvis costellobrutal youth1
elvis costellomighty like a rose1
elvis costellospike1
elvis costelloking of amerika1
elvis costellogirls! girls! girls!2
elvis costellopunch the clock1
elvis costellothis years model1
elvis costellomy aim is true1
elvis costellothe very best of2
elvis costello2020clockface1
elvis costello & kurt bacharachpainted from memory1
elvis costello & the attractions1979armed forces1
elvis costello and the imposters2018look now1
elvis costello and the roots2013wise ghost1
elvis perkins2007ash wednesday1
elvis presley30 nr.1 hits1
elvis presleycomplete 50’s masters5
elvis presleythe 100 top hits collection5
elvis presley2010the complete elvis presley masters30
elvis presley2017a boy from tupelo – the complete 1953-55 recordings3
emerson, lake & palmer1970emerson, lake & palmer1
emerson, lake & palmer1971pictures at an exhibition1
emerson, lake & palmer1971tarkus1
emerson, lake & palmer1972trilogy1
emerson, lake & palmer1973brain salad surgery1
eminemcurtain call (hits)2
england1978garden shed1
englandthe last of the jubblies1
ennio morriconefilm music 1966 – 19872
enodiscreet music1
enonerve net1
enotaking tiger mountain1
enohere come the warm jets1
enoanother green world1
enobefore and after science1
enothe shutov assembly1
enomusic for films1
enoanother day on earth1
enonile – an ancient egyptian quest2
eno2010small craft on a milk sea1
eno2011drumsbetween the bells1
eno / calewrong way up1
eno / wobblespinner1
envy2006insomniac dose1
ephrat2008no ones words1
eric bibb2006diamond days1
eric burdon2013‚til your river runs dry1
eric burdon & the animals1968love is1
eric burdon & the animalsthe complete animals3
eric burdon and warthe black mans burdon2
eric burdon and wardeclares war1
erik truffazmantis1
erika stuckybubbles & bones1
erika stuckylovebites1
erland and the carnival2010erland and the carnival1
errors2010come down with me1
errors2012have some faith in magic1
espers2006espers ll1
eternal tango2007first round at the sissi cafe1
eternal tango2010welcome to the golden city1
europe2015war of kings1
europe2017walk the earth1
eurythmicsgreatest hits1
eurythmics1983sweet dreams (are made of this)1
eveline’s dust2016the painkeeper1
evelyn evelyn2010evelyn evelyn1
everything everything2010man alive1
everything everything2013arc1
everything everything2017a fever dream1
everything everything2020re-animator1
everything is recorded2018everything is recorded by richard russel1
explosions in the sky2007all of a sudden1
eyedea and abilities2009by th throat1
eyes of blue1968crossroads of time1
eyes of blue1969in fields of ardath1
f.s.blumm2006summer kling1
f.s.blumm and nils frahm2013music for wobbling1
fairport convention1969liege and lief1
faith no more1995king for a day, fool for a lifetime1
faith no morediskografie10
faithful marianne2008easy come easy go2
fall out boy2008folie a deux1
familyit’s only a movie1
familymusic in a dolls house1
familyold songs new songs1
familya song for me1
familythe peel sessions1
family2013once upon a time – limited collector box14
fanatico (schaffhäuser/socarras)2013dancing daze1
fang island2010fang island1
fantasy1973pain a picture1
fantasy1974beyond the beyond1
fat freddy’s drop2013blackbird1
fates warning1986awaken the guardian2
fates warning1989perfect symmetry1
father john misty2017pure comedy1
faust1972so far1
fela kuti1976zombie1
fellow travellersthings and time1
fennesz2008black sea1
field music2007tones of town1
field music2010measure1
field music2012plumb1
field music2016commontime1
field music2018open here1
fields2007everything last winter1
final fantasy2006he poos clouds1
finally george2018life is a killer1
fine arts showcase2006radiola1
finn brotherseveryone is here1
fiona applewhen the pawn………1
fiona appletidal1
fiona appleextraordinary machine2
fiona apple2003extraordinary machine – unreleased version1
fiona apple2012the idler wheel1
fiona apple2020fetch the bolt cutters1
fire! with jim o’rourke2011unreleased?1
firewater2008the golden hour1
firewater2012international orange1
fish2013a feast of consequences1
fish2013a feast of consequences1
fish1990virgil in a wilderness of mirrors1
fleet foxes2008fleet foxes1
fleet foxes2011helpless blues1
fleetwood macthe chain (hits)2
fleetwood macrumours (expanded and remastered)2
fleetwood mac2013then play on – deluxe edition1
fleetwood mac1979tusk1
fleetwood mac1982mirage1
fleetwood mac1983tango in the night (remastered 2017)3
fleshquartettgoodbye sweden1
flicker2013how much are you willing to forget1
flobots2008fight with tools1
florence and the Machine2011ceremonials1
flotation toy warning2005bluffer’s guide to the flight deck1
flotation toy warning2002i remember the trees/the special tape (ep’s)2
flotation toy warning2017the machine that made us1
flying colors2014second nature1
flying lotus2010cosmogramma1
flying lotus200619831
flying lotus2010pattern + grid world1
flying lotus2012until the quiet comes1
flying lotus2014you’re dead1
fm1977black noise1
fm1978direct to disc1
foals2010total life forever1
foals2013holy fire1
foals2015what went down1
foals2019everything not saved will be lost1
foo fighters2011wasting light1
for all we know2011for all we know1
forward russia2006give me a wall1
foxygen2013we are the 21st century ambassadors1
foxygen2012take the kids off broadway1
fractal mirror2015garden of ghosts1
fraction1971moon blood1
frames2012in via1
francesco tristano2010idiosynkrasia1
frank ocean2012channel orange1
frank sinatra1955in the wee small hours1
frank zappachungas revenge1
frank zappahot rats1
frank zappathe best band you never heard in your live2
frank zappaone size fits all1
frank zappaapostrophe / over night sensation1
frank zappasheik yerbouti1
frank zappajoe’s garage acts l, ll & lll2
frank zappathe grand wazoo1
frank zappain it for the money / lumpy gravy1
frank zappaabsolutely free1
frank zappafreak out1
frank zappa1969burnt weeny sandwich1
frank zappathe yellow shark1
frank zappa2004greatest hits1
frank zappa2009dub room special1
frank zappa1968cruising with ruben & the jets1
frank zappa1969mothermania1
frank zappa1970burnt weenie sandwich1
frank zappa1970weesels ripped my flesh1
frank zappa1971fillmore east, june 19711
frank zappa1972just another band from l.a.1
frank zappa1974roxy & elsewhere1
frank zappa1975one size fits all1
frank zappa1975bongo fury1
frank zappa1979sleep dirt1
frank zappa1981shut up ’n play yer guitar1
frank zappa1981shut up ’n play yer guitar some more1
frank zappa1981return of shut up ’n play yer guitar1
frank zappa1981you are what you is1
frank zappa1986does humor belong in music1
frank zappa1991the best band you never heard in your life2
frank zappa1992you can’t do this on stage anymore 1-612
frank zappa2012finer moments2
frank zappa2017halloween (live at the palladium, nyc)12
frankie and the heartstrings2011hunger1
frankie goes to hollywoodliverpool1
frankie goes to hollywoodwelcome to the pleasuredome1
franz ferdinandfranz ferdinand1
franz ferdinandyou could have it so much better1
franz ferdinand2009tonight: franz ferdinand1
franz ferdinand2013right thoughts, right words, right action1
freddie mercurymr. bad guy1
frog eyes2007tears of the valedictorian1
frogg café2010bateless edge1
frusciante john2009the empyrean1
fugazi198913 songs1
fujiya & miyagi2007transparent things1
fujiya & miyagi2008lightbulbs1
fujiya & miyagi2011ventriloquizzing1
fujiya & miyagi2014artificial sweeteners1
fun boy threewaiting1
fun lovin criminals2010classic fantastic1
funkadelic1971maggot brain1
future sound of london2006teachings from… (best of)1
galahad2007empires never last1
galliano1992a joyful noise unto the creator1
gang of four1979entertainment1
gang starr1991step in the arena1
gang starr1994hard to earn1
garbarek / gismont / haden2012carta de amor2
gardens and villa2011gardens and villa1
garland jeffreys1992don’t call me buckweat1
garland jeffreys2011the king of in between1
gary newman2016live at hollywood forever cemetery2
gary numan1979the pleasure principle1
gazpacho2009tick tock1
gazpacho2010a night at loreley2
gazpacho2010missa atropos1
gazpacho2011london (live)2
gazpacho2012march of ghosts1
gazpacho2015night of the demon1
gene clark1974no other1
genesis1973selling england by the pound1
genesis1971nursery cryme1
genesis1976a trick of the tail1
genesis1974the lamb lies down on broadway2
genesis20081970 – 1975 – remastered6
genesis2012a glimpse in the night1
genesis1977seconds out (live)2
gentle giant1996edge of twilight (best of)2
gentle giant1974the power and the glory1
gentle giant1972three friends1
gentle giant1973in a glass house1
gentle giant1972octopus1
gentle giant1977playing the fool – live1
gentle giant2017three piece suite1
gentle giant2019unburied treasures29
gentle knife2017clock unwound1
gentle knife2005gentle knife1
george michael1999songs from the last century1
george michael2004patience1
george michael1996older1
george michael1990listen without prejudice1
george michael1998ladies & gentlemen (best of)2
george michael1987faith1
george michael & queen1993five live1
georges bizetsuiten und sinfonien2
georgie james2007places1
gerry raffertyright down the line (hits)1
get well soon2008get well soon1
get well soon2008reat now, weary head! you will get well soon2
get well soon2016love1
giant drag2006hearts and unicorns1
glass animals2014zaba1
glass hammer2010if1
glass hammer2011cor cordium1
glass hammer2012perilious1
glass hammer2014ode to echo1
glass hammer2018chronomonaut1
gleb kolyadin2018gleb kolyadin1
gnarls barkley2006st.elsewhere1
gnidrolog1972in spite of harris toenail1
gnidrolog1972lady lake1
the go betweens2000the friends of rachel worth1
the go betweens1984spring hill fair2
the go betweens2005oceans apart2
goat2012world music1
god help the girl2009god help the girl1
god is an astronaut2005all is violent all is bright1
godspeed you! black emperor2012allelujah! don’t bend! ascend!1
godspeed you! black emporer2000lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven2
godsticks2013the envisage conundrum1
gold leaves2011the ornament1
golden void2012golden void1
goldfrapp2000felt mountain1
gongthe very best of1
gong1971camembert electrique1
gong2016rejoice! i’m dead!1
gonjasufi2010a sufi and a killer1
gonzalesueber alles1
gonzales2000the entertainist1
gonzales2002presidential suite1
goran kajfes subtropic arkestra2013the reason why1
gorillaz2005demon days1
gorillaz2002g sides1
gorillazlaika come home1
gorillaz2010plastic beach1
gorillaz2010the fall1
gorillaz2018the now now1
gorillaz2020song machine, season one – strange timez1
gösta berlings saga2017sersophane1
gotan project2004inspiracion – espiracion1
gotan project2001la revancha del tango1
gotan project2006 Lunatico1
gov’t mule2009by a thread1
gov’t mule2010mulennium3
gov’t mule2013shout2
gov’t mule2014dark side of the mule3
gov’t mule2014stoned side of the mule1
gov’t mule & john scofield2015sco-mule1
grace jonesisland life ( best of )1
grace jones1985slave to the rhythm1
graham coxon2009the spinning top1
graham nash1971songs for beginners1
graham nash1974wild tales1
gran torino2011gran torino prog1
gran turismo veloce2011di carne, di anima1
grateful dead1967grateful dead1
grateful dead1969aoxomoxoa1
grateful dead1969live dead1
grateful dead1970american beauty1
grateful dead1970workingman’s dead1
grateful dead1974from the mars hotel1
grateful dead1974skeletons from the closet1
grateful dead1975blues for allah1
grateful dead1977terrapin station1
grateful dead1980go to heaven1
grateful dead1981dead set1
grateful dead1981reckoning1
grateful dead1987in the dark1
grateful dead1990without a net2
grateful dead1991infrared roses1
grateful dead2003the very best of1
grateful dead2004rockin‘ the rhein (live)3
grateful dead2013sunshine daydream – live 3 cd3
grateful deadremastered 1965 – 198921
greatest hits of the 80’sgreatest hits of the 80’s8
greatest show on earth1970horizons1
greatest show on earth1970the going’s easy1
greg lake2013songs of a lifetime1
greylag2014greylag album1
griegpeer gynt suites1
grimes2015art angels1
grizzly bear2006yellow house1
grizzly bear2009veckatimest1
grizzly bear2012shields1
groove armada2010black light1
gryphon1974red queen to gryphon three1
guards2013in guards we trust1
gun club1981fire of love1
gwydion pendderwen1975songs for the old religion1
hackett steve2006wild orchids1
haim2020woman in music1
haken2013the mountain1
handsom furs2011sound capital1
handsome furs2009face control1
hank williams10 cd-box10
happy mondaysgreatest hits1
happy the man1978crafty hands1
hard knocks1992school of hard knocks1
harper simon2013division street1
hawkwindepoche – eclipse (box-set)3
helge schneider1993es gibt reis baby2
helge schneider2010fantasie in blau7
helge schneider2013sommer, sonne, kaktus!1
heliopolis2014city of the sun1
hello forever2020whatever it is1
henrik schwarz2006dj-kicks1
her name is calla2010the quiet lamb1
herbie hancock2007river: the joni letters1
herbie hancockdiskografie41
hercules and love affair2008hercules and love affair1
here we go magic2010pigeons1
here we go magic2012a different ship1
herman düne2007live / bootleg1
hermans hermitsbest of1
heron oblivion2016heron oblivion1
hexlove2009pija z bogiem1
hexvessel2016when we are death1
hidden cameras2006awoo1
hiddend lands2014lycksalighetens o1
high llamas1994gideon gaye1
high llamas1996hawaii1
high llamas1999snowbug1
high llamas2011talahomi way1
hollieslisten to me (best of)1
holly miranda2010the magicians private library1
horizontal ascension2016horizontal ascension1
hot chip2006the warning1
hot chip2004coming on strong1
hot chip2007essential mix1
hot chip2008made in the dark1
hot chip2010one life stand1
hot chip2012in our heads1
hot chip2015why make sense?1
hot chip2019a bath full of ecstasy1
hot hot heat2010future breeds1
humble piediskografie14
hypnos 692010legacy1
i am kloot2005gods and monsters1
i am kloot2003i am kloot1
i am kloot2010b2
i am kloot2010sky at night1
i am kloot2013let it all in1
i am kloot2015hold back the night – live2
i am the manic whale2015everything beautiful in time1
i am the manic whale2017gathering the waters1
i like trains2010he who saw the deep1
i like trains2012the shallows1
ian anderson2014homo erraticus1
iceage2014plowing into the field of love1
if1970if 11
iggy pop1977the idiot1
iggy pop1977lust for life1
iggy pop2016post pop depression1
iggy pop + james williamson1978kill city1
incredible string banddiskografie13
incubus2006light grenades1
indigo girls2006despite our differences1
invisible1975durazno sangrado1
invisible1976el jardin de los presentes1
inxs1991live baby live1
inxs1994greatest hits2
iona2006the circling hour1
iq2004dark matter1
iq1085the wake1
iq1983tales from the lush attic (remastered 2013)2
iq2014the road of bones2
iron & wine and calexico2019years to burn1
iron and wine2007the shepherd’s dog1
iron butterfly1968in-a-gadda-da-vida1
isildurs bale2017off the radar1
isildurs bane1997mind – volume 11
isildurs bane2001mind – volume 2 (live)2
isildurs bane2003mind – volume 41
isildurs bane1992the voyage – a trip to elsewhere1
isildurs bane & peter hammill2019in amazonia1
izz2012crush of night1
j mascis2010several shades of why1
ja panik2011dmd kiu lidt1
jack johnson2003on and on1
jack johnson2005in between dreams1
jack white2016acoustic recordings 1998 – 20162
jackson browne1974late for the sky1
jackson browne1973for everyman1
jackson browne1978running on empty1
jade warrior2009released1
jade warrior1971jade warrior1
jaga jazzist2010one armed bandit1
jaga jazzist2001a livingroom hush1
jaga jazzist2004day ninja tunes1
jaga jazzist1996jxvla jazzist grete stilz1
jaga jazzist2004magazine1
jaga jazzist2005what we must1
jaguar love2008take me to the sea1
james blake2011james blake1
james blake2001james blake1
james blake2013overgrown1
james blake2016the colour in anything1
james blake2019assume form1
james blunt2007all the lost souls1
james brown1956-1976 (compilation)2
james brown2010time for payback2
james brown1988i’m real1
james brown20145 classic albums remastered + rare & live4
james last1975well kept secret1
jamie lenman2013muscle memory2
jamie t2009kings & queens1
jamie xx2015in colour1
jane’s addictionritual de lo habitual1
jane’s addiction1987jane’s addiction1
jane’s addiction1997kettle whistle1
jane’s addiction1988nothing’s shocking1
jane’s addiction2003strays1
jane’s addiction2011the great escape1
janis joplin1968cheap thrills1
janis joplin1971pearl1
janis joplin1969i got them all kozmic blues…1
janis joplinrare pearls1
janis Joplin1999big brother/cheap thrills/Kozmic/pearl/live5
jarv is2020beyond the pale1
jarvis cocker2006jarvis1
jarvis cocker2009further complications1
jay reatard2009watch me fall1
jazzkantine2008hells kitchen1
jean luc ponty1969king kong – plays frank zappa1
jean luc ponty1970king kong – jlp plays the music of frank zappa1
jean michel jarre1976oxygene1
jeff buckley1994grace1
jeff lynne2012long wave1
jeff mills2010the occurrence1
jefferson airplane1967surrealistic pillow1
jefferson airplane1971bark1
jefferson airplay1967after bathing at baxter’s1
jen olive2010warm robot1
jerry harrison1990walk on water1
jerry harrison1988casual gods1
jesus and mary chain21 singles 1984 – 19981
jesus and mary chain10 Alben10
jethro tull1973a passion play1
jethro tull1971aqualung1
jethro tull1969stand up1
jethro tull1972living in the past1
jethro tull1977songs from the wood1
jethro tull1972thick as a brick1
jethro tull1974war child1
jethro tull2007the best of acoustic1
jethro tull1968this was1
jethro tull1970benefit1
jethro tull1975minstrel in the gallery1
jethro tull1976too old to rock’n’roll………..1
jethro tull1978heavy horses1
jethro tull2014a passion play – an extendend performance3
jethro tull1987crest of a knave1
jethro tull1994nightcap – the unreleased masters2
jethro tull201850 for 503
jethro tull/ian anderson2012thick as a brick 21
jim kerr2010lostboy!1
jim noir2008jim noir1
jim noir2006tower of love1
jim noir2010zooper dooper1
jim noir2012jimmy’s show1
jimi hendrix1994blues1
jimi hendrix1968electric ladyland1
jimi hendrix1967axis – bold as love1
jimi hendrix1967are you experienced1
jimi hendrix1970band of gypsys-live fillmore east2
jimi hendrix1997first rays of the new rising sun1
jimi hendrix2013people, hell and angels1
jimi hendrix2014rainbow bridge (remastered)1
jimi hendrix2018electric ladyland remastered3
jimi tenor2006recomposed1
jimmy page & robert plantno quarter1
jj2010no 31
joan armatradingDiskografie17
joan baezvol 21
joan baez1966queen of hearts1
joanna newsom2006ys1
joanna newsom2015divers1
joanna newwsom2010have one on me2
jody grind1970far canal1
jody grind1969one step on1
jody grind2009the complete jg2
joe cocker1970maddogs & englishmen2
joe jackson1982night and day1
joe jackson1989blaze of glory1
joe jackson2008rain1
joe jackson2010the ultimate collection3
joe jackson1986big world1
joe jackson1984body and soul1
joe jackson2012the duke1
joe jackson2015fast forward1
john cale2005black acetate1
john cale2006paris 19191
john Cale1982music for a new society1
john cale & terry riley1971church of anthrax1
john hiatt1997little head1
john lee hookerhits2
john lennon1982collection (hits)1
john lennon1980double fantasy1
john lennon1971imagine1
john lennon1984milk and honey1
john lennon1973mind games1
john lennon1975shaved fish1
john lennon2010gimme some truth4
john lurie1987down by law (soundtrack)1
john martyn2009solid air2
john martyn1971bless the weather1
john martyn1977one world1
john mayall1969the turning point1
john mayall1966-1972 (compilation)2
john mayall1969empty rooms1
john mayall1969looking back1
john mayall1968barewires1
john mayall1970u.s.a. union1
john mayall1967the blues alone1
john mayall1968bare wires1
john mayall1968blues from laurel canyon1
john mayall1966bluesbrakers with eric clapton1
john mayall1972jazz blues fusion1
john mayalllondon blues (1964-1969)2
john mayall1973moving on1
john mayallroom to move2
john mayall1967the blues alone1
john mayall2015find a way to care1
john mayer trio2006try!1
john zorn2008dreamers1
john zorn2009alhambra love songs1
john zorn2013the mysteries1
johnny cash2005the legend (box set)4
jokers daughter2009the last laugh1
jon hopkins2009insides1
jon lord2012concerto for group and orchestra1
jon spencer blues explosion1998acme1
jonas lindberg & the other side2017pathfinder1
jonathan wilson2011gentle spirit1
jonathan wilson2013fanfare1
jonathan wilson2011gentle sprit1
jonathan wilson2018rare birds1
joni mitchell1974court and spark1
joni mitchell1971blue1
joni mitchell1994turbulent indigo1
joni mitchell1974miles of aisles1
joni mitchell2000both sides now1
joni mitchell1972for the roses1
joni mitchell1975the hissing of summer lawns1
joni mitchell2007shine1
joni mitchell1969clouds1
joni mitchell1970james taylor & joni mitchell live at royal albert hall1
joni mitchell1970ladies of the canion1
joni mitchell1972for the roses1
joni mitchell1974court and spark1
joni mitchell1976hejira1
joni mitchell1977don juan’s reckless daughter1
joni mitchell1979mingus (remastered)1
joni mitchell1994turbulent indigo1
joni mitchell1998taming the tiger1
joni mitchell2000both sides now1
joss stone2004mind body & soul1
joy division1980closer1
joy division1979unknown pleasures1
joy division1980closer1
joy division1981still1
joy division1988substance 1977-19801
joy division1990the peel sessions1
judy collins2012bohemian1
julia holter2016have you in my wilderness1
julian casablancas2009phrazes for the young1
julie slick2012terroir1
jumbo1973vietato ai miniori di 18 anni1
junip2010fields – 3cd deluxe edition3
k.c. mckanzie2009dryland1
kaipa2017children of the sounds1
kaiser chiefs2005employment2
kaiser chiefs2007yours truly angry mob1
kaiser chiefs2008off with their head1
kaiser chiefs2011the future is medieval1
kaiser chiefs2012start the revolution without me1
kaiser chiefs2012souvenir1
kaiser chiefs2014education, education, education & war1
kamasi washington2015the epic (jazz)3
kamasi washington2018heaven and earth2
kanye westdiskografie5
kanye west2013yeezus1
karatihre grössten hits1
karmakanic2011in a perfect world1
Karmic Juggernaut2018The Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of1
kate bush2005aerial2
kate bush1985hounds of love1
kate bush1982the dreaming1
kate bush201150 words for snow1
kate bush2018remastered part 17
kate pierson2015guitars and microphones1
keef hartley band1970the time is near – remastered 20051
keef hartley band1969halfbreed1
keef hartley band1969the battle of north west six1
keef hartley band1971little big band1
keith jarrett1975arbour zena1
keith jarrett2012sleeper2
keith jarrett2013no end2
ken camden2015dream memory1
keren ann2007keren ann1
keren ann20111011
kevin ayers2007the unfairground1
kevin coyne1977in living black and white1
kevin coyne1994sign of the times (compilation1
kevin coyne1973marjory razorblade1
kevin coyne2013case history1
khan1972space shanty1
kid creole & the coconuts1984best of1
kid cudi2009man on the moon – end of day1
kilbey kennedy2017glow and fade1
killing joke2008night time (remastered)1
king buffalo2018longing to be the mountain1
king creosote2016astronaut meets appleman1
king gizzard & the lizard wizard2014moonlust1
king gizzard & the lizard wizard2013float along – fill your lungs1
king gizzard & the lizard wizard201212 bar bruise1
king gizzard & the lizard wizard2017sketches of brunswick east1
king gizzard & the lizard wizard2019fishing for fishies1
king of leon2010come around sundown1
king princess2019cheap queen1
king sunny ade1983live rockpalast2
king sunny ade1982juju music1
king sunny adebest of1
king sunny ade1983synchro feelings1
king sunny ade1984aura1
kings of leon2007because of the times1
kings of leon2016walls1
klangstof2017close eyes to exit1
klaxon2007myths of the near future1
klaxons2010surfing the void1
klone2015here comes the sun1
k’naan2007the dusty foot on the road1
k’naan2012country, god or the girl1
knight area2007under a new sign1
kompendium2012beneath the waves1
kong2009what it seems is what you get1
kooks2006inside in the inside out1
korn2011the path of totality1
kraak & smaak2005boogie against1
kraak & smaak2011electric hustle1
kraak & smaak2012mixed feelings1
kraak & smaak2008plastic people1
kraak & smaak2014chrome waves remixed1
kraftwerk1986electric cafe1
kraftwerk1981computer world1
kraftwerk1978man machine1
kraftwerk1991the mix1
krokodilan invisible world revealed1
krokodil2011psychedelic tapes (1970-72)1
krokodil1972getting up for the morning1
krokodil1973sweat and swim1
kruder & dorfmeister1998the k & d sessions2
kruder & dorfmeister1996dj kicks1
kruder & dorfmeister1996dj kicks 21
kruder & dorfmeisteroriginal bedroom rockers2
kruder & dorfmeister2000g stone book1
kruder & dorfmeister2001count basic1
kruder & dorfmeister1996conversions1
kruder & dorfmeistertrip hop – dub -downtempo mix1
kula shaker2007strangefolk1
kula shaker2010pilgrims progress1
kula shaker1996k1
kula shaker1999peasants, pigs & astronauts1
kula shaker2016k2.01
kurt vile2013wakin on a pretty daze1
kurt vile2015b’lieve i’m goin down1
kurt vile2018bottle it in1
kurt wagner & cortney tidwell2010present cort / invariable heartache1
la coscienza di zeno2013sensitivita1
la maschera di cera2020s.e.i.1
laetitia sadier2010the trip1
laetitia sadier2012silencio1
laetizia sadier2014something shines1
laika2000good looking blues1
lamb20115 (deluxe edition)2
lambchop2002is a woman1
lambchop1998what another man spills1
lambchop2008oh (ohio)1
lambchop2012mr. m1
lambchop2019this (is what i wanted to tell you)1
land of kush2009against the day1
land of talk2008some are lakes1
lapko2010a new bohemia1
laura marling2015short movie1
laurie anderson1984mister heartbreak1
laurie anderson1989strange angels1
lazuli2009réponse incongrue a l’inéluctable1
lazuli20114603 battlements1
lazy smoke1969corridor of faces1
lcd sound system2007sound of silver1
le loup2009family1
le orme1973felona e sorona1
led zeppelin1973houses of the holy1
led zeppelin1975physical graffiti2
led zeppelin1971IV1
led zeppelin1970III1
led zeppelin1969II1
led zeppelin1969I1
led zeppelin1997bbc sessions2
led zeppelin2003how the west was won 1-33
led zeppelin1982coda1
led zeppelin1979in through the outdoor1
led zeppelin1976presence1
led zeppelin2007mothership (best of)2
led zeppelin2007the song remains the same2
led zeppelin1968physical rarities1
led zeppelin2012celebration day2
led zeppelin2016the complete bbc sessions3
led zeppelin2018how the west was won – remaster3
leech2007the stolen view1
lemonheads2008it’s a shame about ray1
lene lovichbest of lene lovich1
leningrad cowboys2011buena vodka social club1
lenny kravitz1989let love rule1
lenny kravitzgreatest hits1
leonard cohengreatest hits1
leonard cohen2009live at the isle of wight 19701
leonard cohenthe essential2
leonard cohen2011the complete studio album collection11
leonard cohen2012old ideas1
leonard cohen2016you want it darker1
leonard cohen2019thanks for the dance1
leprous2015the congregation1
liam finn2011fomo1
light damage2014light damage1
lilacs & champagne2013danish & blue1
lily allen2006alright, still1
lis er stille2010the colibro1
lis er stille2012nous1
lisa gerrard2007the silver tree1
lissie2010catching a tiger1
little dragon2007little dragon1
little dragon2011ritual union1
little featdiscography – 1971-19798
little river band2000greatest hits1
living colour2009the chair in the doorway1
liz phair1994whip-smart1
liz phair2010funstyle2
ll cool j1995radio1
loggins & messina1977the best of friends1
loggins & messina1974on stage2
long distance calling2016trips1
looptroop rockers2008good things1
lou reed1992magic and loss1
lou reed1972transformer1
lou reed/john cale1990songs for drella1
lou reed/velvet underground1995the best of1
lou rhodes2010one good thing1
louis philippe2002my favorite part of you1
louis philippe1988ivory tower1
louis philippe2007appointment with venus1
louis primathe best of…1
love1967forever changes1
low1996the curtain hits the cast1
low2007drums and guns1
lucinda williams1998car wheels on a gravel road1
lucky soul2007the great unwanted1
luke vibert2009rhythm1
lunatic soul2008lunatic soul1
lunatic soul2010l l1
lunatic soul2011impressions1
lunatic soul2014walking on a flashlight beam1
lydia lunch2011trust the witch1
lyle lovett1992joshua judges ruth1
lyle lovett2003my baby don’t tolerate1
lyle lovett1996the road to ensenada1
lyle lovett1999live in texas1
m832011hurry up, we’re dreaming2
madonna1990the immaculate collection1
madonna2009greatest hits2
madonna2009celebration (best of)2
madonna1984like a virgin1
madonna1983the first album1
madonna1986true blue1
madonna2015unapologetc bitch1
madonna2019madame x1
magazine1978real life1
magda2010from the fallen page1
magic bus2017philip the egg1
magmaretrospective lll1
magma1973mekanik destruktiw kommandoh1
magnetic fields199969 love songs3
magnetic fields2008distortion1
magnetic man2010magnetic man1
magnolia electric co2009josephine2
magnum1985on a storyteller’s night (remastered 2005)1
magnum1982chase the dragon (remastered 2005)1
magnum2014escape from the shadow garden1
mahavishnu orchestra1971the inner light1
major lazer2009guns don’t kill…..lazer do1
major lazer2013free the universe1
malachai2011return to the ugly side1
malachai2009ugly side of love1
malady2018toinen toista1
malcolm middleton2007a brighter beat1
manchester orchestra2011simple math1
mandi diao2010the malevolence of mando diao2
mando diao2006ode to ochrasy1
mando diao2009give me fire1
manfred mann2014lone arranger1
manfred mann’s earth band10 Alben 1972 – 198010
mani matter1973yr ysebahn1
mani matterwarum syt dir so truurig1
mani matter1973i han es zundhölzli azündt1
mani matterdr kolumbus1
manic street preachers1998this is my truth, tell me yours1
manic street preachers2001know your enemy1
manic street preachers2010postcards from a young man1
manic street preachers2013rewind1
manic street preachers2014futurology2
mano negrabest of1
manowardiscografie – 10 alben10
manu chao1998clandestino1
manu chao2001proxima estacion esperanza1
manu chao2002radio bemba soundsystem1
manu chao2004siberie m’etait contée1
manu chao2007la radiolina1
maps2007we can create1
maps2007we can create1
marc ribot’s ceramic dog2009party intellectuals1
marek hemmann2013bittersweet1
mari boine2006in the hand of the night1
mariachi el bronx2014lll1
marillion1985misplaced childhood1
marillion1983script for a jester’s tear – remastered2
marillion1984fugazi – remastered2
marillion1987clutching at straws – remastered2
marillion1989seasons end2
marillion2010tumbling down the years2
marillion2010size matters2
marillion2012sounds that cant be made1
marilyn monroesongs1
mario canongeretour aux sources1
mark hollis1998mark hollis1
mark knopfler2012privateering3
mark knopfler2019down the road wherever1
mark lanegan & duke garwood2018with animals1
mark linkous2010a wonderful life indeed1
mark stewart2012the politics of envy (deluxe edition)2
mark wingfield2018tales from the dreaming city1
marla glen1993this is marla glen1
marlene dorcenamèsy1
marnie stern2010marnie stern1
mars volta2005frances the mute1
mars volta2003de-loused in the comatorium1
mars volta2008the bedlam in goliath1
mars volta2009octahedron1
mars volta2012noctourniquet1
martina topley bird2010some place simple1
marvin gaye1971what’s going on1
massive attack2003100th window1
massive attack1995no protection (remix)1
massive attack1994protection1
massive attack1991blue lines1
massive attack1998mezzanine1
massive attack2006collection2
massive attack2009splitting the atom EP1
massive attack2010heligoland1
massive attack2016ritual spirit – ep1
masters of reality2009pine cross dover1
mastodan2009crack the sky1
matchbox twenty2000mad season1
matchbox twenty2007exile on mainstream1
matching mole1972little red record1
mates of state2006bring it back1
matias aguayo2009ay ay ay1
matthew dear2010black city1
mavis2010presented by a. beedle & d. morris1
mavis staples2007we’ll never turn back1
maximilian hecker2006i’ll be a virgin, ………1
maximo park2005a certain trigger1
maximo park2005missing songs1
maximo park2007our earthly pleasures1
maximo park2009quicken the heart1
maximo park2012the national health1
maximo park2014too much information1
maxophone1975maxophone (it/en)2
maybeshewill2011i was here for a moment, then i was gone1
mazzy star1990she hangs brightly1
mazzy star2013seasons of your day1
mc51968kick out the jams1
meller golyzniak duda2016breaking habits1
memento waltz2013division by zero1
menomena2007friend and foe1
mercury rev2001all is dream1
mercury rev1998deserter’s songs1
mercury rev2008snowflake midnight1
mercury rev2019 bobbie gentrys the delta sweete revisited1
meshell ndegeocello1999live in new york2
metallica1999s&m (live)2
metallica1991black album1
metallica1986master of puppets1
metallica & lou reed2011lulu2
meursalt2012something for the weakened1
mgmt2008oracular spectacular1
mgmt2011time to pretend1
mgmt2018little dark age1
mice parade2002all roads lead to salzburg1
mice parade2005bem – vinda vontade1
mice parade2007mice parade1
mice parade2001mokoondi1
mice parade2003obrigado saudade1
mice parade1999ramda1
mice parade1998the true meaning of boodleybaye1
mice parade2010what it means to be left-handed1
mice parade2013candela1
michael brook1993live at the aquarium1
michael chapman2017501
michael jacksondiskografie9
michael jackson2014Xscape1
michael mayer2006immer 21
michelle shockedcaptain swing1
michelle shockedshort sharp shocked1
midas fall2010eleven, return and revert1
midlake2006the trials of van occupanther1
midlake2004bamnan and silvercork1
midnight choir2009amsterdam stranded2
midnight oil1993earth and sun and moon1
midnight oil1996breathe1
midnight oil199720.000 watt r.s.l.1
midnight oil2012essential oils (best of)2
midnight oil1987disel and dust1
midnight oil1990blue sky mining1
midnight oil1996breathe1
midnight oil2020the makarrata project1
mika2007life in cartoon motion1
mika2007my life in cartoon motion1
mike & the mechanics1988the living years1
mike bloomfield and al cooper1968the live adventures of…..2
mike keneally2012wing beat fantastic1
mike oldfield1985the complete….2
mike oldfield1973tubular bells l,ll,lll,20134
mike oldfield1980qe21
mike oldfield1990amarok1
mike oldfield1983crises1
mike oldfield1984discovery1
mike oldfield1982five miles out1
mike oldfield1974hergest ride1
mike oldfield1975ommadawn1
mike oldfield1979platinum1
mike oldfield1996voyager1
mike oldfield2014man on the rocks1
mike oldfield1978incantations1
miki curtis & samurai1970samurai1
miles davissketches of spain1
miles davis1974dark magus2
miles davis1959kind of blue1
miles davis1972on the corner1
miles davis1974get up with it2
miles davis1959kind of blue – Remasterd 20092
miles davis101 albums101
miley cyrus2015miley cyrus and her dead petz1
minus the bear2007planet of ice1
minutemen1984double nickels on the dime2
missy elliott2002under construction1
mistakesthe mistakes1
moby2006go – the very best of1
moby2008last night1
moby2009wait for me1
modest midget2010the great prophecy of a small man1
modest midget2014crysis1
modest mouse2007we were dead before the ship…..1
mogwai2011hardcore will never die, but you will1
mogwai2015central belters3
moloko2000things to make and do1
molotov jive2009songs for the fallen apart1
money2016suicide songs1
monkey3200739 laps1
monkey32013the 5th sun1
monkey32011beyond the black sky1
monkey32016astra symethry1
monks1965black monk time1
mono2009hymn to the immortal wind1
mono2012for my parents1
mono2019nowhere now here1
monophona2015black on black1
monterey pop festival1967monterey pop festival4
monty python1989…sings monty python1
moody blues1967days of future passed1
moody blues1969on the treshold of a dream1
moody blues1968in search of the lost chord1
moody blues1969to our childrens childrens children1
moody blues1970a question of balance1
moody blues1971every good boy deserves favour1
moon tooth2019crux1
moon tooth2016chromaparagon1
morcheeba2003parts of the process1
morcheeba2008dive deep1
morgen1972nova solis1
morning benders2010big echo1
morning teleportation2011expanding anyway1
morrissey2004you are the quarry1
morrissey2006ringleader of the tormentors1
morrissey2009years of refusal1
mos def2009the extatic1
mother tongue1994mother tongue1
motorpsycho2006black hole blank canvas2
motorpsycho1998trust us2
motorpsycho2008little lucid moments1
motorpsycho2009child of the future1
motorpsycho2010heavy metal fruit1
motorpsycho1994timothy’s monster2
motorpsycho2014behind the sun1
motorpsycho2016here be monsters1
motorpsycho2017the tower2
motorpsycho2019the crucible1
motorpsycho and ståle storløkken2012the death defying unicorn2
mott the hoople1972all the young dudes1
mount carmel2014get pure1
mount kimbie2010crooks & lovers1
mountain1974twin peaks1
mr hudson & the library2007a tale of two cities1
mr lab2006and now it’s time to go1
mr lab2008post industrial ceremony1
mr. bangle1999california1
mtv unpluggedthe very best of3
mumford and sons2012the road to red rocks (live)1
mumford and sons2015wilder mind1
mumford and sons2009sigh no more1
mumford and sons2012babel1
mumford and sons2018delta1
mumm-ra2007these things move in trees1
muse2006black holes and revelations1
my brightest diamond2006bring me the workhorse1
my brightest diamond2014this is my hand1
my brother the wind2014once there was a time when time and space were one1
my morning jacket2005z1
my morning jacket2001at dawn1
my morning jacket2003it still moves1
my morning jacket1999the tennesee fire1
my morning jacket2004early recordings 1&22
my morning jacketlive at bonnaroo1
my morning jacket2006okodonkos live2
my morning jacket2011circuital1
my morning jacket2015the waterfall1
my sleeping karma2015moksha1
my sleeping karma2006my sleeping karma1
my sleeping karma2008satya1
my sleeping karma2010tri1
my sleeping karma2012soma1
mystery2014tales from the nederlands live2
mystery jets2006making dens1
n.a.s.a.2009the spirit of apollo1
n.e.r.d.2004fly or die1
n.e.r.d.2002in search of1
n.e.r.d.2008seeing sounds1
n.e.r.d.2017no one ever really dies1
nad sylvan2017courting the widow1
nad sylvan2017the bride said no1
nadineshah2017holiday destination1
natacha atlas2010mounqaliba1
national heath1977national heath1
national heath1978of queues and cures1
neal morse2011testimony 22
neil diamond12 songs1
neil youngdiskografie
nektar1974remember the future1
neneh cherry & the thing2012the cherry thing1
neu!neu 11
neu!neu 21
neu!neu 751
neutral milk hotel1998in the aeroplane over the sea1
neville brothers1989yellow moon1
new model army1998impurity1
new young pony club2007fantastic playroom1
new young pony club2010the optimist1
nice nice2010extra wow1
nick cave2011murder ballads1
nick drake1971brighter lighter1
nick drakecollection1
nick drake1969five leaves left1
nick drake1972pink moon1
nick drake1999time of no reply1
nickelbacksilver side up1
nickelback2005all the right reasons1
nickelback2008dark horse1
nickelback2014no fixed adress1
nickelback2017feed the machine1
nicolai dunger1999this cloud is learning1
nicolai dunger2001soul rush1
nicolai dunger2001a dress book1
nicolai dunger2000blind blemished blues1
nicolai dunger1997eventide1
nicolai dunger2006sjunger edith södergran1
nicolai dunger2001soul rush1
nicolai dunger2002sweat her kiss1
nicolai dunger2005this cloud is learning1
nicolas jaarsound cloud rip – 31 tracks1
nigeria afrobeatnew explosive sound in the 70s1
nightingales2009insult to injury1
nightmares on wax1995smokers delight1
nightmares on wax2013fellin‘ good1
nik kershawhits1
nik kershaw199915 minutes1
nik kershaw1984human racing1
nik kershaw1984the riddle1
nik kershawgreatest hits1
nik kershaw1989the works1
nils frahm2018all melody1
nils frahm2013spaces1
nils landgren funk unit2007license to funk1
nils petter molvaer1998khmer1
nils petter molvaer2008re-vision1
nils petter molvær2009hamada1
nils petter molvaer2011baboon moon1
nils petter molvaer2005edy1
nils petter molvaer2007enders & molvaer1
nils petter molvaer1997khmer1
nils petter molvaer2004live streamer1
nils petter molvaer2010molvaer & fennesz – food1
nils petter molvaer2002np31
nils petter molvaer2001remixe recoloured1
nils petter molvaer2005remix remakes1
nils petter molvaer2000solid either1
nils petter molvaer2005er1
nils petter molvaer2016buoyancy1
nina hagenthe very best of1
nine days‘ wonder1970nine days‘ wonder1
nine horses2005snow borne sorrow1
nine inch nails2013hesitation marks (deluxe edition)2
nino rota/various artiststutto fellini2
nirvana1993in utero1
nirvana1994unplugged in new york1
nits1989urk (live)2
nits2005les nuits1
nits1990giant normal dwarf1
nits2015hotel europa – live2
nits1995nest (best of)1
nits1984adieu, sweet bahnhof1
no doubt2010icon1
no means nodiskografie18
no-man2007together we’re stranger1
no-man2001returning jesus1
no-man2003heaven taste1
no-man1993lovebites & lovebites1
no-man1996wild opera1
no-man1997dry cleaning ray – EP1
no-man2008schoolyard ghosts1
no-man2009wherever there is light1
no-man2012love and endings1
nonchalant1996until the day1
north sea radio orchestra2016dronne1
not a good sign2013not a good sign1
nothing but thieves2015nothing but thieves1
nova collective2017the further side1
now it’s overhead2006dark light daybreak1
nucleus torn2015neon light eternal1
o.r.k2015inflamed rides1
oceansize2009home & minor EP1
oceansize2010self preserved while the bodies float up1
octa octa2013between two selves1
of montreal2008skeletal lamping1
of montreal2010false priest1
of montreal2012daughter of cloud1
of montreal2015aureate gloom1
omar rodriguez lopez2007se dice bisonte, no bufalo1
omar rodriguez-lopez2009los sueños de un hidalgo1
omar rodriguez-lopez2009xenophanes1
op8 (opiate)1997slush1
opeth2001blackwater park1
opeth1999still life1
opeth2015deliverance and damnation – remixed2
opeth2018garden of the titans – live2
opeth2019in cauda venenum1
orbital2004blue album1
orbital1991green album1
orbital1993brown album1
orbital1999the middle of nowhere1
oresund space collective2016different creatures2
oresund space collective2015out into space3
orphaned land2010the nerver ending way of orwarrior1
os mutantes2009haih or amortecador1
osibisaayiko bia1
osibisabest of2
osibisa1973happy children1
osibisa1976welcome home1
ossicles2015music for wastelands1
osta love2015isle of dogs1
otis reddingthe king of soul – best of4
outkast2003speakerboxx – the love below1
oval/markus poppdiskografie6
ovrfwrd2018blurring the lines1
ozric tentaclescollection21
p.j.harvey2006the peel sessions 1991-20041
p.j.harveythe singles1
p.j.harvey2016the hope six demolition project1
p.j.harvey1995to bring you my love1
p.j.harvey19934-track demos1
p.j.harvey1998is this desire?1
p.j.harvey2000stories from the city….1
p.j.harvey2007white chalk1
p.j.harvey1993rid of me1
p.j.harvey2004the b-sides1
p.j.harvey2004uh huh her1
p.j.harvey2011let england shake1
p.j.harvey and john parish1996dance hall at louse point1
p.j.harvey and john parish2009a woman a man walked by1
pacific gas & electric1968get it on1
pacific gas & electric1969pacific gas & electric1
pacific gas & electric1970are you ready1
pain of salvation2007scarsick1
pain of salvation2010road salt one1
pain of salvation2010be1
pain of salvation2000the perfect element1
pain of salvation1998one hour by the concrete lake1
pain of salvation1999entropia1
pain of salvation2002remedy lane1
pain of salvation2014falling home1
pain of salvation2017the passing light of day1
pain of salvation2020panther1
pandoras box2011monomeet1
partridge andrews barker2007monstrance2
patricia kaas1992carnets de scène (live)2
patrick o’hearn2000so flows the current1
patrick watson2009wooden arms1
pattern is movement2004the (im)possibility of longing1
pattern is movement2008all together1
patti smith2007twelve1
patti smith1975horses1
patti smith1978easter1
patti smith1979wave1
paul kalkbrenner201571
paul kalkbrenner2008berlin calling1
paul kalkbrenner2011icke wieder1
paul kalkbrenner2014X1
paul kalkbrenner2012guten tag1
paul mccartney2005chaos and creation1
paul mccartney2007memory almost full1
paul mccartney1971ram1
paul mccartney1970paul mccartney1
paul mccartneygreatest hits 1 + 24
paul mccartney2013new1
paul mccartney2016pure mccartney4
paul mccartney1989flowers in the dirt2
paul mccartney2018egypt station1
paul simon1990the rhythm of the saints1
paul simon1986graceland1
paul simon2006surprise1
paul simon2011so beautiful or so what1
paul simon2012live in new york city2
paul simon2016stranger to stranger1
paul weller2004studio 1501
paul weller1995stanley road1
paul weller2005as is now1
paul weller1993wild wood1
paul weller2006hit parade4
paul weller200822 dreams1
paul weller2012sonik kicks1
paul weller2014more modern classics1
paul weller2015saturns pattern1
paul weller2017jawbone (soundtrack)1
paul weller2017a kind revolution (deluxe edition)2
paul weller2018true meanings1
paul weller2019other aspects – live at the royal festival hall2
pavement1992slanted and enchanted1
pavement1994cooked rain, cooked rain1
pavement1995wowee zowee2
pavement1998terror twilight1
pavement1993westing (by musket and sextant)1
pavlov’s dog1975pampered menial1
pavlov’s dog2010echo & boo1
pavlov’s dog1976at the sound of the bell1
pavlov’s dog2014has anyone here seen siegfried1
pavlov’s dog2018prodigal dreamer1
peace orchestra1999peace orchestra1
peaking lights2009imaginary falcons1
pearl jam1996no code1
pearl jam1994vitalogy1
pearl jam1993vs.1
pearl jam1991ten1
pearl jam2006pearl jam (2006)1
pearl jam2000binaural1
pearl jam2002riot act1
pearl jam1998yield1
pearl jam2008rearviewmirror best of 1991-20032
pearl jam2011live on ten legs1
pearl jam1998live on two legs1
pearl jammtv unplugged1
pearl jamunplugged and undrugged1
pendragonthe world1
pendragon1996the masquerade overture1
pendragon2014men who climb mountains1
pendragon2020love over fear1
penguin café orchestra1976music from the penguin …..1
pentangle1968the pentangle1
pentanglethink of tomorrow1
pentanglesweet child2
pentangle1969basket of light1
pentangle1970cruel sister1
pere ubu1998the modern dance1
perfect beings2014perfect beings1
perfect beings2015perfect beings ll1
perfect beings2018vier2
perfect remixes vol.3dj testo1
perfect remixes vol.4thievery corporation1
perfume genius2010learning1
pet shop boys2009yes – special edition2
pet shop boyspop art – greatest hits2
pet shop boys2012format2
pet shop boys2012elysium1
pete brown & piblokto1970things may come and things may go1
peter gabriel1992us1
peter gabrielrevisited (hits)1
peter gabriel1990shaking the tree1
peter gabriel197711
peter gabriel197821
peter gabriel198031
peter gabriel198241
peter gabriel1986so1
peter gabriel2011new blood2
peter gabriel2013and i’ll scratch yours1
peter gabriel2019flotsam and jetsam3
peter gabriel & friends2008big blue ball1
peter gabriel and new blood2011live at the london O22
peter gabrile2013back to front tour – vienna2
peter green2007supernatural2
peter greene2008anthology4
peter hammill2009thin air1
peter hammill1991fool’s mate1
peter hammill2007singularity1
peter hammill2014…all that might have been…3
peter hammill9 cds 1973-19809
peter hammill & gary lucas2014other world1
peter kruder2009compost black label #501
pfm/premiata forneria marconi1975chocolate kings1
pfm/premiata forneria marconi2010la buono novella1
pfm/premiata forneria marconi1974l’isola di niente1
pfm/premiata forneria marconi2002live in japan2
pfm/premiata forneria marconi1978passpartù1
pfm/premiata forneria marconi2000serendipity1
pfm/premiata forneria marconi1972storia di un minuto1
pfm/premiata forneria marconi1977jet lag1
pfm/premiata forneria marconi1982performance1
pfm/premiata forneria marconi1973photos of ghosts1
pfm/premiata forneria marconi1973per un amico1
pfm/premiata forneria marconi1974the world became the world1
pfm/premiata forneria marconi1974cook – live in usa1
pfm/premiata forneria marconi2017emotional tettoo2
phideaux2007doomsday afternoon1
phideaux2004ghost story1
phideaux2009number seven1
phideaux2006the great leap1
phil ochs1967pleasures of the harbor1
phil spector1991back to mono (1958-19694
piano magic2010ovations1
pieter nooten2010here is why1
pineapple thief2006little man1
pink2009the hits1
pink2006i’m not dead1
pink2012the truth about love1
pink2017beautiful trauma1
pink floyd1995pulse (live)2
pink floyd1970atom heart mother1
pink floyd1969ummagumma2
pink floyd1975wish you were here1
pink floyd1971meddle1
pink floyd1973dark side of the moon1
pink floyd1994the division bell1
pink floyd1977animals1
pink floyd1972obscured by clouds1
pink floyd1969more1
pink floyd1972live at pompeii1
pink floyd1971relics1
pink floyd1979the wall2
pink floyd1970zabriskie point1
pink floyd2014the endless river1
pink floyd2016the early years 1965 – 197210
pinkunoizu2013the drop1
pirate2011left of mind1
pixiesdeath to the pixies (best of)2
pixies2014indie cindy1
pixies1987come on pilgrim1
pixies1988surfer rosa1
pixies1991trompe le monde1
plini2018handmade cities1
plus / minus +/-2006let’s build a fire1
plus / minus +/-2008xs on your eyes1
policetheir greatest hits1
poor genetic material2011island noises 2502
poor genetic material2013a day in june1
poor genetic material2016absence1
porcupine tree2005deadwing1
porcupine tree2002in absentia1
porcupine tree1999stupid dream1
porcupine tree2000voyage 34 – the complete trip1
porcupine tree1997coma divine – live in rome1
porcupine tree2003futile1
porcupine tree1996signify1
porcupine tree1991on the sundy of life1
porcupine tree1993up the downstair1
porcupine tree2000lightbulb sun1
porcupine tree2004warszawa1
porcupine tree1995the sky moves sideways1
porcupine tree1998metanoia1
porcupine tree1994staircase infinities1
porcupine tree1997insignificance1
porcupine tree2007fear of a blank planet1
porcupine tree2007nil recurring1
porcupine tree2008we lost the skyline1
porcupine tree2009the incident2
porcupine tree2012octane twisted2
porno for pyros1993porno for pyros1
porno for pyros1996good god’s urge1
portico quartet2007knee deep in the north sea1
portico quartet2012portico quartet1
portishead1998roseland nyc live1
portugal the man2008censored colors1
portugal the man2011in the mountain, in the cloud1
prefab sprout1985steve mcqueen1
prefab sprout1992a life of surprises (hits)1
prefab sprout2001the gunman and other stories1
prefab sprout1997andromeda heights1
prefab sprout1988from langley park to memphis1
prefab sprout1990jordan: the comback1
prefab sprout38 carat collection (best of)2
prefab sprout2009let’s change the world with music1
prefab sprout2013devil came a-calling1
prefab sprout2003 iI trawl the megahertz – remastered 20191
prefuse2011only she chapters1
pretenderslearning to crawl1
pretenders2013the collection (best of)1
pretty lights2013a color map of the sun1
pretty things1968s.f.sorrow1
pretty things2017greatest hits2
priestbird2007in your time1
primal scream2006riot city blues1
primal scream2008beautiful future1
primal scream1991creamadelica1
primal scream1997vanishing point1
primus2011green naugahyde1
primus2017the desaturating seven1
princeton2009cocoon of love1
prins thomas2010prins thomas1
prinzhorn dance school2007prinzhorn dance school1
procol harum2007secrets of the hive / best of2
procol harum1968shine on brightly1
procol harum1969a salty dog1
procol harum1973grand hotel1
procol harum1972live with edmonton symphony orchestra1
procol harum1967procol harum (remastered 2009)2
propagandaa secret wish1
psychedelic porn crumpets2019and now for the whatchamacallit1
psychotic waltz1992into the everflow1
psychotic waltz1994mosquito1
psychotic waltz1996bleeding1
psychotic waltz2004into the everflow bonus disc1
pterodactyl plains2010raven1
public service bruadcasting2017live at brixton2
pulled apart by horses2010pulled apart by horses1
pulp2001we love life1
pulp1998this is hardcore1
pulp1995different class1
puma2010half nelson courtship1
puppenhaus1973jazz macht spazz1
pure reason revolution2007the dark third1
pure reason revolution2009amor vincit omnia1
pure reason revolution2010hammer and anvi1
pure reason revolution2020eupnea1
purity ring2012shrines1
Q65nothing but trouble1
q-tip2008the renaissance1
quasimoto2005the further adventures of….1
queengreatest hits 1-33
queen1980the game1
queens of the stone age2007era vulgaris1
queens of the stone age2000rated r (deluxe edition 2010)2
queensriche1988operation: mindcrime1
queensriche1986rage for order1
qui2007love’s miracle1
quintessencespirits from another time 1969-1971/compilation2
remstudio discographie 1983-201118
rachael yamagata2012chesapeake1
rachid taha1995olé, olé1
raconteurs2006broken boy soldier1
radiohead2001i might be wrong (live recordings)1
radiohead2000kid a1
radiohead1997ok computer1
radiohead2007in rainbows1
radiohead2007in rainbows cd21
radiohead2007down is the new up ! live1
radiohead2003hail to the thief1
radiohead1993pablo honey1
radiohead1995the bends1
radiohead2011the king of limbs1
radiohead2011tkol rmx2
radiohead2016a moon shaped pool1
rain machine2009rain machine1
ramonesgreatest hits1
randy newman1999bad love1
randy newman197012 songs1
randy newmancreates something new under the sun1
randy newman1974good old boys1
randy newman1977little criminals1
randy newman1972sail away1
randy newman2008harps and angels1
randy newman1979born again1
randy newman1995faust1
randy newman1988land of dreams1
randy newman1971live1
randy newman1983trouble in paradise1
randy newman1998guilty – 30 years of randy newman4
raoul vignal2017the silver veil1
raudive2010chamber music1
ry cooder/ali farke toure1994talking timbuktu1
ray manzarek + roy rogers2013twisted tales1
red hot chili peppers1999californication1
red hot chili peppers1991blood sugar sex magik1
red hot chili peppers1995one hot minute1
red hot chili peppers2002by the way1
red hot chili peppers2006stadium arcadium2
red hot chili peppers2011i’m with you1
red hot chili peppers2013i’m beside you (limited numbered edition)4
red hot chili peppers2016the getaway1
red hot chili peppers2016the getaway1
red krayola1968the parable of arable land1
red snapper1996prince blimey1
red snapper2003red snapper1
red snapper1995reeled and skinned1
red snapper2000our aim is to satisfy red snapper1
red snapper1998making bones1
red snapper2011key1
regal worm2014neither use nor ornament1
renaissance1978a song for all seasons1
renaissance1973ashes are burning1
renaissance1974turn of the cards1
reverend & the makers2009a french kiss in the chaos1
rewiring genesis2008a tribute to the lamb lies down on broadway2
richard dorfmeister2003a different drummer selection1
richard swift2009the antlantic ocean1
rick wakeman1973the six wives of henry Vlll1
rickie lee jones2007the sermon on exposition boulevard1
ricky votolato2007the brag and cuss1
rip rig and panic2013i am cold – extended – original 19821
rishloo2015dead rope machine1
ritual2007the hemulic voluntary band1
rival sons2016hollow bones1
rival sons2019feral roots1
riverside2007rapid eye movement1
riverside2005second life syndrom1
riverside2009anno domini high definition1
riverside2005second life syndrome1
riverside2011memories in my head1
riverside2013shrine of new generation slaves2
riverside2015love, fear and the time machine1
riverside2016eye of the soundscape2
robert ellis2014the light from the chemical plant1
robert frippsolo&cooperationen33
robert fripp & david cross2015starless starlight1
robert glasper2012black radio1
robert plantdiscographie10
robert plant2014lullaby and….the ceasless1
robert plant2017carry fire1
robert plant & allison krauss2007raising sand1
robert wyatt2003cuckooland1
robert wyatt1985old rottenhat1
robert wyatt1997shleep1
robert wyatt1991dondestan1
robert wyatt1974rock bottom1
robert wyatt2007comicopera1
robert wyatt1975ruth ist stranger than richard1
robert wyatt2003solar flares burn for you1
robert wyatt1970the end of an ear1
robert wyatt1974live at drury lane theatre london1
robert wyattextras 1974-19861
robert wyatt2004his greatest misses1
robert wyatt2014different every time2
robert wyatt, atzmon, stephen2010for the ghost within1
robin trower2017time and emotion1
robocop kraus2002as long as we dance/compilation1
robocop kraus2001tiger1
robocop kraus2003living with other people1
robocops kraus2005they think they are the ……1
rock plaza central2006are we not horses1
rod stewart1972never a dull moment1
rod stewart1971every picture tells a story1
rod stewart1969an old raincoat won’t ever let you down1
rod stewart1970gasoline alley1
rodrigo y gabrieladiskografie 2002 – 20084
rodriguez1970cold fact1
rodriguez2012searching for sugar man1
roedelius2006works (1968-2005)2
roger chapmananthology 1979 – 19982
rolling stone magazine500 greatest songs of all times
rolling stonesthrough the past darkly1
rolling stones1972exile on main street1
rolling stones1971sticky fingers1
rolling stones1969let it bleed1
rolling stones1967their satanic majesties request1
rolling stones1968beggars banquet1
rolling stones1967between the buttons1
rolling stones2003forty licks2
rolling stones2005a bigger bang1
rolling stones196412 x 51
rolling stones1964the rolling stones1
rolling stones1966aftermath1
rolling stones1965out of our heads1
rolling stones1965now1
rolling stones1965december’s children1
rolling stones2007rolled gold – best of2
rolling stonesthe first decade – bootlegs4
rolling stones1994beat beat beat at the beep2
rolling stones2010exile on main street – remastered1
rolling stones2011some girls (deluxe 2 cd)2
rolling stones2012grrr (best of)3
rolling stones2012charlie is my darling2
rolling stones2017the complete british radio broadcasts 1963-653
rory gallagher1974irish tour1
rory gallagher1979follow me – rarities and outtakes1
rory gallagherbig guns – greatest hits2
rory gallagher1976calling card1
rory gallagher1971deuce1
rory gallagher1973tattoo1
rory gallagher2011notes from san francisco2
rose kemp2008unholy majesty1
rose tattoo1978rose tattoo1
rose windows2013the sun dogs1
roxy musicsiren1
roxy musicstranded1
roxy musicfor your pleasure1
roxy musicroxy music1
roxy musiccountry life1
roxy music1982avalon1
roxy music1980flesh & blood1
roxy music1979manifesto1
roxy music2001the best of1
roxy music2012singles, b-sides and alternative mixes2
roy harper1971stormcock1
röyksoppdiskografie bis 200615
röyksopp2014the inevitable end2
rpwl2014wanted (limited edition)1
rpwl2016plays pink floyds ‚the man and the journey§1‘1
rufus wainwrightwant one1
rufus wainwrightwant two + bonus tracks2
rufus wainwright2007release the stars1
rufus wainwright2001poses1
rufus wainwright1998rufus wainwright1
run dmc1986raising hell1
runrig2016the story1
rupert hinethe deep end1
rupert hine1981immunity1
rupert hine1971pick up a bone1
rupert hine1981immunity1
rupert hine1983the wildest wish to fly1
rupert hine1982waving not drowning1
rupert hine’s thinkman1986the formula1
russian futurists2006me myself and rye1
ry cooder2011pull up some dust and sit down1
ryley walker2015primrose green1
ryley walker2016golden sings that have been sung1
ryley walker2018deafman glance1
sadediamond life1
sadelovers rock1
sade2010soldier of love1
sade2011the ultimate collection2
sade2011the ultimate collection2
saint etienne2012words and music by saint etienne2
saint etienne2012i’ve got your music1
saint etienne2008london conversations2
saint germain des pres cafethe finest electro jazz complication 1-88
salty dog1990every dog has its day1
sam gopal1969escalator1
sam roberts2006chemical city1
samantha fish2017belle of the west1
sand (sam healy)2013sand1
sandwell district2013fabric 691
sankt otten2011gottes synthesizer1
santana1973lotus (live)2
santana & buddy mileslive!1
santigold2012master of my make-believe1
satellite party2007ultra payloaded1
saturday looks good to me2007fill up the room1
sbb2009iron curtain1
scarlet hollow2013what if never was1
school of seven bells2010disconnect from desire1
scissor sisters2010night work1
scott tuma & mike weis2009taradiddle1
scott walkerscott 1-44
scott walker & sun o)))2014soused1
screaming trees1996dust1
scritti politti2006white bread black bear1
seamonsters1991the wedding present1
sebastian hardie1976windchase1
sebastian hardie1976four moments1
sebastian hardie2012blueprint1
secret machinesnow here is somewhere1
secret machines2009secret machines1
serge gainsbourg1971histoire de melody nelson1
serge gainsbourg1968bonnie and clyde1
serge gainsbourg1970cannabis1
serge gainsbourg1968inédits 1957 – 19681
serge gainsbourg2001pop sessions1
serge gainsbourg1976l’homme à tête de chou1
serge gainsbourg2011diskografie20
seven impale2014city of the sun1
seven steps to the green door2015fetish1
shabazz places2011black up1
shades of dawn2011graffiti’s rainbow1
shadow circus2012on a dark and stormy night1
shakary2002the last summer1
shania twain2002up2
shania twain2004greatest hits1
shanir ezra blumenkranz2012abraxas1
shape of rain1971riley, riley,wood and waggett remastered 20201
she & him2008volume 11
she & him2010volume 21
shout out louds2006howl howl gaff gaff1
shout out louds2007our ill wills1
shout out louds2010work1
shout out louds2013optica1
shrieckbacksacred city1
shriekback1985oil & gold1
shriekbacknatural history (best of)2
shriekback2007glory bumps1
shriekback1948aberrations 1981 – 19841
shriekback1986big night music1
shriekback1988go bang1
shriekback1984jam science1
shriekback2000naked apes & pond life1
shriekback1990natural history – best of2
shriekback1992sacred city1
shriekback1990the dancing years1
shriekback2000the y record years2
shuggie otis1974inspiration information1
sidi mansourrimitti1
sigur ros2000agaetis byrjun1
sigur ros2011inni2
siinai2011olympic games1
silk1969smooth as raw silk1
silverchair2007young modern1
simo2017rise & shine1
simon & garfunkeldiskografie11
simon joyner2017step into the earthquake1
simon says2008tardigrade1
simple minds2002best of2
simply redpicture book1
siouxsie and the banshees1981juju1
sixteen horsepowersackcloth ’n‘ ashes1
skream2010outside the box1
sleater kinney2015cities to love1
sleater-kinney2014no cities to love1
sleepmakeswaves2011…and so we destroyed everything1
sleepy fun2010fever1
sleepy jackson2006personality1
sleepy jacksonlovers1
sleepy sun2014maui tears1
sleepytime gorilla museum2007in glorious times1
slipknot2012antennas to hell2
sly & robbiethe best of2
small facesa nod is as good as a wink………1
small facesodgens nut gone flake /mono-stereo2
small faces1970first step1
smashing pumpkinsmellon collie and the infinite….2
smashing pumpkinsadore1
smashing pumpkins2007zeitgeist1
smashing pumpkinssiamese dream1
snarky puppy2014we like it here1
snarky puppy2019immigrance1
snarky puppy2010tell your friends1
snarky puppy2012ground up1
soft machinethird1
soft machinevolume one & two2
soft machine2009live at the onstad art centre 19712
soft machinefourth1
soft machinefifth1
soft machinesix1
solange2016a seat at the table1
solange2019when i get home1
son lux2011we are rising1
sondre lerche2007phantom punch1
sonic youth2006rather ripped1
sonic youthdaydream nation1
sonic youth2009the eternal1
soul !the very best of motown4
soundgarden2010telephantasm (deluxe version)2
soundgarden1996down on the upside1
soundgarden1989louder than love1
soundgarden1990screaming live-fopp1
soundgarden1988ultramega ok1
soundsystem2007sound of silver1
soundtrackeasy rider1
soundtrackhustle & flow1
soundtrack2007i’m not there2
soundtracktarantino alle soundtracks9
soundtracklost highway1
soundtrack1970jesus christ superstar1
soundtrackil postino1
soundtrackcinema paradiso1
soundtrackonce upon a time in america1
soundtrack1969easy rider1
soundtrack1991the commitments1
soundtrack1973jesus christ superstar2
soundtrack2012best of bond2
soundtrack1997the big lebowski1
soundtrack2002the transporter2
soundtrack1964the pawnbroker by quincy qones1
soundtrack / trent reznor & atticus ross2012the girl with the dragon tattoo3
soundtracksnino rota1
southern empire2018civilisation1
spandau balletjourneys to glorry – remastered2
sparks2008exotic creatures of the deep1
spearmint2006paris in a bottle1
specialsthe specials1
specialsbest of1
spencer davis groupbest of1
spice girlsgreatest hits1
spidergawd2016spidergawd lll1
spirittwelve dreams of dr. sardonicus1
spirit1968the family that plays together1
spirit197012 dreams of dr. saronicus1
spiritualized1997ladies & gentlemen we are floating in space1
spiritualized2018and nothing hurts1
split enzmental notes1
split enz1997spellbound2
split enzdiskographie14
spock’s beard2010x1
spock’s beard1996beware of darkness1
spock’s beard1999day for night1
spock’s beard1997the kindness of strangers1
spock’s beard1995the light1
spock’s beard1995the beard is out there – live1
spock’s beard2013brief nocturnes and dreamless sleep2
spooky tooththe best of1
spooky toothspooky two1
spooky tooth1970ceremony1
st germain2015real blues1
st germain2000tourist1
st germain1995boulevard1
st germain1998from detroit to st. germain1
st. vincent2011strange mercy1
st. vincent2017misseduction1
st. vincent2014st. vincent1
stabat akish2012nebulos1
stan ridgwaymosquitos1
stan ridgwaypartyball1
stan ridgwayanatomy1
stan ridgwayblack diamond1
stan ridgwayholiday in dirt1
stan ridgwaythe big heat1
stan ridgwaysongs that make this country great1
stan ridgwaysnakebite1
stan ridgwaydrywall – work the dumb oracle1
stan ridgway1996drywall incident1
stan ridgway2010neon mirage1
stanley clarke1976school days1
stardeath & white dwarfs2014wastoid1
stars2007in our bedroom after the war1
starsailorlove is here1
state radio2012rabbit inn rebellion1
status quo50 hits3
status quolive at the n.e.c. ’821
status quo1971dog of two head1
steamhammer1969mk ll1
steely dancitizen 1972-19804
stephanie dosen2007a lily for the spectre1
stephen malkmus2008real emotional trash1
stephen malkmus2003pig lib1
stephen malkmus2005face the truth1
stephen malkmus2001stephen malkmus1
stephen malkmus2013ege bamyasi played by s.m. & friends1
stephen malkmus2019groove denied1
stephen malkmus and the jicks2011mirror traffic1
stephen malkmus and the jicks2014wig out at jagbags1
stephen malkmus and the jicks2018sparkle hard1
stephen stills11
stephen stills1968just roll tape1
stephen stills1976illegal stills1
stephen stills1974live1
stephen stills1976live in new orleans1
stephen stills2005man alive1
stephen stills1984right by you1
stephen stills197121
stephen stills1991stills alone1
stephen stills1978thoroughfare gap1
stephen stills2013carry on – best of4
stephen stills & manassas1972manassas2
stephen stills & manassas1973down the road1
stereo mcs2008double bubble2
stereo mc’sdeep down & dirty1
stereo mc’s1992connected1
stereolabcobra and phases group play….1
stereolaboscillons from the anti-sun4
stereolabfab four suture1
stereolab2008chemical chords1
stereolab2010not music1
steve hackettplease don’t touch1
steve hackettspectral mornings1
steve hackettto watch the storms1
steve hackettvoyage of the acolyte1
steve hackett2010out of the tunnel’s mouth1
steve hackett2011beyond the shrowded horizon1
steve hackett2012genesis revisited ll2
steve hackett2015wolflight1
steve hackett2017the night siren1
steve hackett2019at the edge of light1
steve harley & cockney rebel1974the psychomodo1
steve harley & cockney rebel1973the human menagerie1
steve harley & cockney rebel1977face to face – live1
steve harley & cockney rebel1975the best years of our lives1
steve harley & cockney rebel1976love’s a prima donna1
steve hogarth & richard barbieri2012not the weapon but the hand1
steve rothery2014the ghosts of pripyat1
steve thorne2007emotional creatures, part two1
steve thorne2005emotional creatures, part one1
steve thorne2012crimes and reasons1
steve winwood2008nine lives1
steve winwoodrevolutions – the very best of1
steven wilson2009insurgentes2
steven wilsoncover version l – V1
steven wilson2011grace for drowning2
steven wilson2013the raven that refused to sing1
steven wilson2012get all you deserve2
steven wilson2014cover version1
steven wilson2015hand.cannot.erase1
steven wilson2015transience1
steven wilson20164 1/21
steven wilson2017to the bone2
steven wilson2018home invasion in concert at the royal albert hall2
stevie nicks201424 karat gold – songs from the vault1
stevie ray vaughangreatest hits1
stevie wonderdiskografie13
stian westerhus2016amputation1
stian westerhus & pale horses2014maelstrom1
stiller hasstiller has1
stiller haslandjäger1
stiller haschole1
stiller hasstelzen1
stiller haswalliselle1
stiller hasmoudi1
stingthe soul cages1
stingnothing like the sun1
sting2009if on a winter’s night1
stingthe dream of the blue turtles1
stingten summoner’s tales1
stingbring on the night2
sting201657th & 9th1
stomu yamashta’s go1976go live from paris1
stooges2007the weirdness1
storm corrosion2012storm corrosion1
stranglersrattus norvegicus1
stranglersno more heroes1
straytime machine – anthology 1970-772
streetwalkersvicious but fair1
streetwalkersred card1
streetwalkerschapman/withney streetwalkers1
streetwalkers1977live rockpalast1
string driven thing1973the machine that cried1
strokesis this it1
strokes2006first impressions of earth1
stuart a.staplesleaving songs1
stuart a.stapleslucky dog recordings1
subsignal2015the beacons of somewhere sometimes1
sufjan stevens2004seven swans1
sufjan stevens2005illinois1
sufjan stevens2006the avalanche1
sufjan stevens2006songs for christmas5
sufjan stevens200938 rare and unreleased tracks2
sufjan stevens2009run rabbit run1
sufjan stevens2010the age of adz1
sufjan stevens2015carrie and lowell1
sufjan stevens2017the greatest gift1
sufjan stevens2020the ascension1
sugarcubes1988life’s too good1
sujan stevens2010all delighted people1
sula bassana2012dark days1
sun and the wolf2014salutations1
sun kil moon2008april1
sun kil moon2010admiral fell promises1
sun kil moon2012among the leaves1
sun kil moon2003ghosts of the great highway1
sun kil moon2015universal themes1
sun kil moon2014benji (limited edition)2
sun kil moon2005tiny cities1
sun kil moon2010i’ll be there (ep)1
sun kil moon2009tonight the sky (ep)1
sun kil moon2017common as light and love are red valleys of blood2
sun o)))2009monoliths & dimensions1
sunset rubdown2009dragonslayer1
super furry animals2007hey venus !1
super furry animals2009dark days – light years1
super sessionbloomfield, cooper, stills1
supergrassin it for the money1
supergrasssupergrass is 10 (greatest)1
supertramp1979breakfast in amerika – remastered 20102
supertrampbest of2
supertramp1975crisis what crisis1
supertramp1974crime of the century1
supertramp1977even in the quietest moments1
supertramp1980paris (live)2
supertramp1985brother where you bound1
supertramp1982famous last words1
susanne vega99.9f1
susanne vegasongs in red and grey1
suzanne vega1996nine objects of desire1
suzanne vega2007beauty & crime1
suzanne vega1998tried and true – best of1
suzanne vega2010close up vol 1 – love songs1
suzanne vega2010close-up vol 2 people and places1
suzanne vega2012close-up vol 4 – songs of family1
suzanne vega2011close-up vol 3 – states of being1
suzanne vega2014tales from the realm of the queen of pentacles1
suzanne vega2016lover, beloved1
suzanne vega2020an evening of new york songs and stories1
swans2011my father will guide me up a rope to the sky1
swans2012the seer2
swans2014to be kind2
swans1991white light from the mouth of infinity1
swans2016the glowing man2
sweet apple2010love & desperation1
sweet apple2014the golden age of glitter1
syd barrett2010an introduction to syd barrett1
syd barrett1970the madcap laughs1
t.rexthe slider1
take that2006beautiful world1
talib kweli2007eardrum1
talk talknatural history (greatest)1
talk talkthe colour of spring1
talk talk1988spirit of eden1
talk talkthe laughing stock1
talk talk2013natural order 1982-19911
talk talk1982the party’s over1
talk talk1984it’s my life1
talking headsnaked1
talking headsremain in light1
talking headsspeaking in tongues1
talking headsstop making sense1
talking heads771
talking headssongs about buildings and foot1
talking headslittle creatures1
talking headstrue stories1
talking headsfear of music1
talking headssand in the vaseline (best of)2
talking headsthe name of the band is…2
talking heads12 x 12 original remixes1
talking headsstop making sense(special edition)1
talking heads1996no talking just head (ohne byrne)1
tame impala2010innerspeaker1
tame impala2013lonerism1
tash sultana2016notion (ep)1
tasteon the boards1
teenage fanclubman made1
teenage fanclubbandwaggonesque1
teenage fanclubgrand prix1
teenage fanclubhowdy !1
teenage fanclubman – made1
teenage fanclubsongs from nothern britain1
teenage fanclubthirteen1
teenage fanclub2010shadows1
teenage fanclub2010shadows1
televisionmarquee moon1
temples2014sun structures1
temples2014sun structures1
ten years afterstonedhenge1
ten years afterssssh.1
ten years afterten years after1
ten years after1970cricklewood green1
ten years after1970watt1
ten years after1968undead1
ten years aftertotal recordings (27 CD’s)27
tenhi2000airut : ciwi1
terje rypdal2010crime scene1
The 13th Floor Elevators1999all singles1
The 13th Floor Elevators1967easter everywhere1
The 13th Floor Elevators2001The 13th Floor Elevators1
The 13th Floor Elevators1966the psychedelic sound of….1
The 13th Floor Elevatorsbull of the woods1
the 13th floor elevators1967easter everywhere1
the abyssinians1976satta massagana1
the album leaf2010a chorus of storytellers1
the amazing2011gentle stream1
the amazing2015picture you1
the amazing2016ambulance1
the antlers2011burst apart1
the arcs2015yours, dreamily1
the asphodells2013ruled by passion, destroyed by lust1
the auteurs1996after murder park1
the auteurs1994now i’m a cowboy1
the band1968music from big pink1
the besnard lakes2010are the roaring night1
the besnard lakes2010the besnard lakes are the roaring night1
the besnard lakes2013until in excess, impercetible UFO1
the besnard lakes2016a coliseum complex museum1
the beta banddiverse alben6
the black angels2008directions to see a ghost1
the black crowes1994amorica1
the black crowes1998by your side1
the black crowes2001lions1
the black crowes1990shake your money maker1
the black crowes1992the southern harmony & musical companion1
the black crowes1996three snakes & one charm1
the black crowes & jimmy page1999live at the greek2
the black keys2012el camino1
the blood arm2006lie lover lie1
the blood arm2011turn and face me1
the boo radleyskingsize1
the books2010the way out1
the books2012a dot in time5
the brian jones massacre2010who killed sgt. pepper1
the brian jonestown massacre2012aufheben1
the butterfly effect2009final conversation1
the byrds1966fifth dimension1
the byrds1965mr. tambourine man1
the byrds1968sweetheart of the rodeo1
the chap2012we are nobody1
the claypool lennon delirium2016monolith of phobos1
the claypool lennon delirium2019south of reality1
the clientele2007god save the clientele1
the coral2007roots & echoes1
the coral2010butterfly house1
the crimson projekct2014live in tokyo1
the curegreatest hits2
the cure1987kiss me kiss me (deluxe edidition)2
the curedisintegration1
the curethe head on the door1
the cure20085:13 dream1
the cure2000bloodflowers1
the cure1980boys don’t cry1
the cure1981faith1
the cure1997galore1
the cure1983japanese whisper1
the cure2004join the dots1
the cure1982pornography1
the cure1980seventeen seconds1
the cure1986staring at the sea – the singles1
the cure2004the cure1
the cure1984the top1
the cure1979three imaginary boys1
the cure1992wish1
the cure1984concert (live)1
the cure1990entreat (live)1
the cure1990mixed up1
the cure1993show (live)2
the cure1993paris (live)1
the cure1996wild mood swings1
the czars2014best of2
the d project2011big face1
the damned1979machine gun etiquette1
the dears2011degeneration street1
the devil’s anvil1967hard rock from the middle east1
the dillinger escape plan2010option paralysis1
the dodos2015individ1
the dream sydicate1984medicine show1
the dream sydicate2019these times1
the dream sydicate2020the universe inside1
the drums2010the drums1
the drums2011portamento1
the dukes of stratosphear (xtc)200925 oclock (remastered)1
the elected2006sun sun sun1
the electric soft parade2013idiots1
the elwins2013and i thank you1
the enid2010journey’s end1
the enid2016dust1
the fall2005complete peel sessions 1978-20046
the fall2007post-tlc reformation!1
the falltotally wired2
the fall50’000 fans can’t be wrong – hits2
the fall2015sub-lingual tablet1
the fallwitch trials2
the features2009some kind of salvation1
the field2007from here we go sublime1
the field2013cupid’s head1
the fiery furnaces2006rehearsing my choir1
the fireman2008electric arguments1
the fixx2012beautiful friction1
the flaming lips2013diskografie27
the flaming lips2017oczy mlody1
the flaming lips2019king’s mouth1
the flaming lips2020american head1
the flock1969the flock1
the flock1970dinosaur stamps1
the flower kings1997stardust we are2
the flower kings2012banks of eden – deluxe edition2
the flower kings2013desolation rose2
the flower kings2020islands2
the flying lizards1979the flying lizards1
the flying lizards1981fourth wall1
the frames2006the cost1
the future kings of london2009the viewing point1
the futureheads2010the chaos1
the gaslamp killers2012breakthrough1
the gatheringalways1
the gatheringhow to measure a planet2
the gatheringif the else1
the gatheringnighttime birds1
the gathering2008a noise severe – live2
the gathering2009the west pole1
the go betweens198816 lovers lane1
the go betweens2005oceans apart2
the go betweens2003bright yellow, bright orange1
the go betweens1986librty belle and the black diaminond express1
the go betweens1987tullulah1
the good, the bad & the queen2007the good, the bad & the queen1
the heavy2007great vengeance and furious fire1
the herbaliser2008same as it never was1
the herbaliser2002something wicked this way comes1
the hidden cameras2009originorphan1
the high llamas2016here come the rattling trees1
the high wore2010the sleep tape1
the hold steady2007boys and girls1
the hold steady2008stay positive1
the holydrug couple2015moonlust1
the horrors2011skying1
the house of capricorn2011in the devil’s days1
the indelicates2010songs for swinging lovers1
the jam1981sound affects1
the kandinsky effect2015somnambulist1
the kills2008midnight boom1
the kindred2014life in lucidity1
the kinksdiskografie 1964 – 200129
the knife2006silent shout1
the knife2013shaking the habitual3
the lake poets2015the lake poets1
the libertinesup the bracket1
the lights2010failed graves1
the low frequency in stereo2006the last temptation of……1
the low frequency in stereo2009futuro1
the magic numbers2010the runaway – limited edition2
magnetic fields2012love at the bottom of the sea1
magnetic fields201750 song memoir5
the mamas and papasthe very best of1
the middle east2011i want that you are always happy1
the minus 52009killingsworth1
the monkeesbest of2
the monkees2016good times !1
the monochrome set2018maisieworld1
the mountain goats2017goths1
the move2008anthology 1966-19724
the mute gods2016do nothing till you hear from me1
the mute gods2017tardigrades eill inherit the earth1
the mute gods2019atheists and believers1
the national2010high violet1
the national2013trouble will find me1
the neal morse band2016the similitude of s dream2
the neal morse band2019the great adventure2
the new pornographers2007challengers1
the nice1969ars longa vita brevis1
the nice1971elegy1
the nice1970five bridges1
the nice1969nice1
the o’jaysship ahoy1
the opium cartel2009night blooms1
the orb2003Bicycles and tricycles1
the orb1994pomme fritz1
the orb1998u.f. orb (best of)1
the orb feat. david gilmour2010metallic spheres2
the paul butterfield blues band6 alben 1964-19696
the phantom band2009checkmate savage1
the phantom band2014strange friend1
the phantom band2015fears trending1
the phantom band2010the wants1
the pineapple thief2018dissolution1
the police1978outlandos d’amour1
the police1979regatta de blanc1
the police1980zenyatta mondatta1
the police1981ghost in the machine1
the police1983synchronicity1
the pop group1979y1
the pretty things1970parachute1
the prodigy1997the fat of the land1
the raconteurs2006broken boy soldiers1
the raconteurs2008consolers of the loneley1
the raconteurs2019help us stranger1
the rakescapture release1
the rapture2006pieces of the people we love1
the rapture2011in the grace of your love1
the rebel wheel2010we are in the time of evil clocks1
the remains1966the remains – remastered 20071
the residentsdiscographie34
the rides2013can’t get enaugh1
the roots2006game theory1
the roots2008rising down1
the roots2010how i got over1
the roots2011undun1
the rumour said fire2010the arrogant1
the samuel jackson five2012the samuel jackson five1
the shadows1998best of1
the shins2012port of morrow1
the shins2007wincing the night away1
the shins2001oh, inverted world1
the shins2003chutes too narrow1
the slew2009100%1
the smiths2008the sound of the smiths / best of2
the socks2014the socks1
the soft pack2010the soft pack1
the sonic dawn2017into the long night1
the sonic dawn2015perception1
the souljazz orchestra2012solidarity1
the soundtracks of our lives2009communion2
the stepkids2011the stepkids1
the stills2006without feathers1
the stooges1973raw power1
the stoogesthe stooges1
the strokes2011angels1
the strokes2013comedown machine1
the strokes2020the new abnormal1
the tangent2006a place in the queue1
the tangent2007going off one one2
the tangent2009down and out in paris and london1
the tangent2013le sacre du travail1
the thedusk1
the the1981burning blue soul1
the the45 rpm – the singles2
the the1983soul mining1
the the1986infected1
the the1989mind bomb1
the the2020see without being seen1
the third eye foundation1996semtex1
the thrills2007teenager1
the troggswild thing – best of1
the united states of america1968the united states of america1
the verve1997urban hymns1
the verve2008forth1
the verve1992the veve ep1
the verve1993a storm in heaven1
the verve1995a nothern soul1
the verve2002no come down (b sides & outtakes)1
the verve2004this is music (the singles 92-82)1
the vervethe singles1
the watch2007primitive1
the watch2014from the alps1
the waterboys2015modern blues1
the weeknd2012trilogy3
the who2010greatest hits live2
the who2011the singles2
the who1966a quick one2
the who1965my generation2
the who1975the who by numbers1
the who1967the who sell out2
the who1969tommy2
the xx2009xx1
the xx2012coexist1
the xx2017i see you1
the young godsdiskografie11
the zombiesodessey and oracle1
thee oh seescollection12
them (mit van morrison)story of them 1964 – 662
them crooked vultures2009them crooked vultures1
thence2011these stones cry from the earth1
theo2015the game of ouroboros1
they might be giants2009here comes science1
thiervery corporationthe richest man in babylon1
thievery corporation2008radio retaliation1
thievery corporation2011culture of fear1
thinking plague1989in this life1
thinkman1990hard hat zone1
thinkman1988life is a full time oppucation1
thinkman1986the formula1
third ear band1969alchemy1
third ear band1990magic music1
thirteenth floor elevatorsthe psychedelic sounds of….1
this is the kit2017bashed out1
this will destroy you2011tunnel blanket1
thom hell2011this is thom hell1
thom yorke2006the eraser1
thom yorke2006spitting feathers EP1
thom yorke2009complete eraser remixes1
thom yorke2014tommorow’s modern boxes1
thom yorke2018suspiria (ost)1
thom yorke2019anima1
thomas dolby1984the flat earth1
thomas dolby1982the golden age of wireless1
three mile pilot2010the inevitable past is the future forgotten1
three mile pilot1995chief assassin to the sinister1
tiger lou2016the wound dresser1
tiger moth tales2017the depths of winter1
tiger moth tales2015story tellers, part one1
tilly and the wall2008o1
tim bowness2017lost in the ghost light1
tim bowness2019flowers at the scene1
tim buckley1973sefronia1
tim buckley1974look at the fool1
tim buckley1972greetings from l.a.1
tim buckley1967goodbye and hello1
tim buckley1966tim buckley1
tim buckley1969happy sad1
tim buckley1970starsailor1
tina turnerall the best2
tindersticks1996nénette et boni (soundtrack)1
tindersticks2001can our love…1
tindersticks2003waiting for the moon1
tindersticksa collection of singles & rarities1
tindersticks1999simple pleasure1
tindersticks2010falling down a mountain1
tindersticks2011claire denis film scores 1996-20091
tindersticks2010live in london2
tindersticks2012the something rain1
tindersticks2012san sebastian1
tindersticks2013across six leap years1
tindersticks2016the waiting room1
tindersticks2019no treasure but hope1
tito puente1991mambo of the times1
titus andronicus2015the most lamentable tragedy2
tom petty1994wildflowers1
tom petty1991into the great wide open1
tom petty and the heartbreakers2014hypnotic eye1
tom tom club1981tom tom club1
tom tom club1992dark sneak love action1
tom tom club2012downtown rockers1
tom waits1985rain dogs1
tom waitsused songs 1973-19801
tom waits2002alice1
tom waits1999mule variations1
tom waits2006orphans (best 0f)3
tom waits1985rain dogs1
tom waits1983swordfishtrmbones1
tonbruket2011dig it to the end1
tonbruket2013nubium swimtrip1
tool200610’000 days1
toploader1999onka’s big moka1
tori amos2009abnormally attracted to sin1
toro y moi2010causers of this1
tortoise1996millions now living will never die1
tortoise2004it’s all around you1
tortoise2009beacons of ancestorship1
tortoise & bonnie prince billy2006the brave and the bold1
toto y moi2011underneath the pine1
touche amore2011parting the sea between brightness and me1
towa tei1999sweet robots against the machine2
towa tei2000lost control mix2
towa tei1995future listening!1
towa tei1998sound museum2
towa tei2009big fun1
towa tei1998butterfly1
towa tei2005flash1
towa tei2005flasher1
towa tei2002funkin‘ for jamaica1
towa tei1995future recall1
towa tei2000last century modern1
towa tei2011in shibuya2
towa tei2012mach 20121
trail of dead2006so divided1
trail of dead2005worlds apart1
trail of dead2002source tags & codes1
trail of deadand you will know us by the……1
transatlantic2009the whirlwind2
transatlantic2001bridge across forever1
transfer2011transfer selves1
traps on earth2018a drop of light1
traveling wilburys1988vol. 11
traveling wilburys1990vol. 31
travis2001the invisible band1
travis1999the man who1
travis2007the boy with no name1
travis2013where you stand1
travis200312 memories1
travis1996good feeling1
travis2004the singles1
travis202010 songs1
tree2013sunday school1
tree2013sunday school 2 – when curch lets out1
trentemoellerliquid radio1
trentemoller2006the last resort2
treshold2007dead reckoning1
tu fawning2010hearts on hold1
tune2011lucid moments1
tune-yards2011who kill1
tunng2006comments of the inner chorus1
tunng2010…..and then we saw land1
twelfth night1982fact and fiction1
twenty sixty six and then1972reflections on the future1
twice a man1982music for girls1
two fingers2009two fingers1
two gallants2006what the toll tells1
two gallants2007two gallants1
two gallants2015we are undone1
two gallants2012the bloom and the blight1
two gallants2015we are undone1
two pac / 2pac1995me against the world1
ub401997guns in the ghetto1
ub402000the very best of 1980-20001
ub402007under the influence1
ufo1978strangers in the night (live)2
ufo1970ufo 11
ulver2011wars of the roses1
undertones1979the undertones1
undertones1993teenage kicks1
underworldLive: Everything, Everything1
underworld2007oblivion with bells1
underworld1998beaucoup fish1
united nations2009dto1
unkle2010where did the night fall1
unknown mortal orchestra2015multi-love1
unknown mortal orchestra2013blue record1
unknown mortal orchestra2013ll1
uriah heep1971look at yourself1
uriah heep1972demonds and wizards1
vampire weekend2008vampire weekend1
vampire weekend2010contra1
van der graaf generator1969the aerosol grey machine1
van der graaf generator1970h to he who am the only one1
van der graaf generator1970the least we can do is . . .1
van der graaf generator1971pawn hearts1
van der graaf generator1975godbluff1
van der graaf generator1976still life1
van der graaf generator1976world record1
van der graaf generator1977the quiet zone – the pleasure dome1
van der graaf generator1971the lost live tapes1
van der graaf generator1976Maida vale BBC sessions1
van der graaf generator1978vital1
van der graaf generator2005reunion concert2
van der graaf generator2005present2
van der graaf generatorthe box4
van der graaf generator2007real time2
van der Graaf generator2008trisector1
van der graaf generator2011a grounding in numbers1
van der graaf generator2012alt1
van der graaf generator2016do not disturb1
van morrison1970moondance1
van morrison1974veedon fleece1
van morrison1973hard noise the highway1
van morrison1968astral weeks1
van morrison1991hymns to the silence2
van morrison1974it’s too late to stop now (live)3
van morrison2007still on top – best of2
van morrison2009astral weeks live hollywood bowl1
van morrison1972saint dominic’s preview1
van morrison2018the prophet speaks1
van morrison and others1996tell me something1
vandervelde david2008waiting for the sunrise1
vanilla fudge1968and the beat goes on1
vanilla fudge1968renaissance1
vanilla fudge1967vanilla fudge1
various artists2007a tribute to joni mitchell1
various artistsfantastic 80’s – 39 hits2
various artists2009legends of benin1
various artists2009ghanaian blues 1968-19912
various artists2010now christmas2
various artists2017the songs of lennon/mccartney2
velvet underground & nico1967the velvet underground1
vespero2018hollow moon1
vibravoid2012gravity zero1
vienna circle2013silhuette moon1
vieux farka touré2010other roads – remixed1
vola2018applause of a distant crowd1
von hertzen brothers2008love remains the same1
von hertzen brothers2017war is over1
voyager2017ghost mile1
vrious artiststhe complete stax-volt singles9
walter becker11 tracks of whack1
walter becker2008circus money1
warpaint2008exqusite corpse – ep1
warpaint2010the fool1
warpaint2016heads up1
warren zevon2002genius – best of1
wavves2010king of the beach1
we are scientists2006with love and squalor1
we fell to earth2011we fell to earth1
weather report2006forecast:tomorrow – best of3
weather report12 Alben 1972 – 198512
weather report2015the legendary live tapes 1978-19814
ween2000white pepper1
ween1990god ween satan1
ween1991the pod1
ween1992pure guava1
ween1994chocolate and cheese1
ween199612 golden country greats1
ween1997the moolusk1
ween1999paintin‘ the town brown (live)2
welcome inside the brain2019queen of the day flies1
wheel2019moving backwards1
white denim2008workout holiday1
white denim2009fits1
white denimlast day of summer1
white denim2013cosica lemonade1
white denim2018performance1
white hills2011h-p11
white stripeswhite blood cells1
white stripeselephant1
white stripesDeStijl1
white stripesget behind me satan1
white stripeswhite stripes1
white stripes2007icky thum1
white willow2006signal to noise1
who2010live at leeds – deluxe edition2
who1971who’s next2
who1973quadrophenia (remastered 20112
whowho’s greatest hits1
why2009eskimo snow1
wilco1996being there1
wilco2007sky blue sky1
wilco2009wilco (the album)1
wilco2011the whole love1
wild beasts2009two dancers1
wild beasts2008limbo panto1
wild butter1970wild butter1
william orbit1993strange cargo1
willie nelson1975red headed stranger1
willie nelsonthe very best of2
wire1978chairs missing1
wire1977pink flag1
wire2008ogject 471
wire2011red barked tree1
wishbone ash1971pilgrimage1
wishbone ash1972argus1
wishbone ash1970wishbone ash1
wishbone ash1973wishbone four1
wishbone ash1974there’s the rub1
wobbler2011rites at dawn1
wobbler2017frome silence to somewhere1
wolf alice2015my love is cool1
wolf parade2010expo 861
wolf people2010steeple1
wolf people2016ruins1
woodstock25th anniversary collection4
world party1986private revolution1
world party1990goddbye jumbo1
world party1993thank you world1
world party1993bang!1
world party1997egyptology1
woven hand2008ten stones1
wu-tang clanenter the wu-tang1
wye oak2009the knot1
wye oak2014shriek1
xiu xiu2006the air france1
xiu xiu2010dear god i hate myself1
xiu xiu2012always1
xll alfonso2012charles darwin3
x-ray-spex1978germ free adolescents1
xtc1989oranges & lemons1
xtc1982english settlement1
xtc1984the big express1
xtc1980the black sea1
xtc1982waxworks (singles 77-82)1
xtc1999apple venus vol.l1
xtc2000apple venus vol.ll1
xtc1978white music1
xtc1979drums and wires1
xtc – dukes of stratosphaer1987chips from the chocolate . . . .1
yeah yeah yeah’s2006show your bones1
yeah yeah yeah’s2003fever to tell1
yeah yeah yeah’s2009it’s blitz1
yeasayer2008all hours cymbals1
yeasayer2012fragrant world1
yello2010yello by yello – anthologie3
yes1973tales from topographic oceans2
yes1972close to the edge1
yes1977going for the one1
yes1970time and a word1
yesmillenium collection2
yes1987big generator1
yesyesyears – compilation4
yes1973yessongs (live)2
yes1980yesshows (live)2
yes1989anderson, wakeman, broford, howe1
yes2011fly from here1
yes2014heaven & earth1
yes2017topographic drama live across america2
yma sumac1945mambo!1
yo la tengo2006i am not afraid of you …..1
yo la tengo2005prisoners of love – best of 84-033
yo la tengo2003summer sun1
yo la tengo2009popular songs1
young knives2011ornaments from the silver arcade1
young marble giants1994colossal youth1
your favorite enemies2014between illness and migration1
yugen2006labirinto d’aqua1
yuya uchida & the flowers1969challenge1
zero 72006the garden1
zero 72001simple things1
zero 72004when it falls1
zero 72002another late night1
zero 72009yeah ghost1
zip tang2013das reboot1
zip tang2015private shangri-la1
zun zun egui2015shackles gift1
zwan2003mary star of the sea1
zz topgreatest hits1
zz top1979deguello1bob
zz top2012la futura1
king crimsonalles150
kruder & dorfmeister2020k&d 19951
lunatic soul2020through shaded woods1
wobbler2020dwellers of the deep1
melanie c2020melanie c1
chris squire1975fish out of water1
belle and sebastian2019days of the bagnold summer1
stereolab2019transient-noise bursts with announcements2
motorpsycho2020the all is one2
paul mccartney2020:lll1
elton john2020jewel box8
steven wilson2021the future bites1
fleet foxes2020shore1
plini2016handmade cities1
amon düül ll1970yeti1
django django2021glowing in the dark1
stereolab2021electrically possessed (switched on volume 4)2
sonus umbra2020a sky full of ghosts1
wheel2021resident human1
yezda urfa1975boris1
karfagen2020birds of passage1
the rolling stones2021fully finished studio outtakes3
liquid tension experiment1998liquid tension experiment 11
liquid tension experiment1999liquid tension experiment 21
liquid tension experiment2021liquid tension experiment 31
ryley walker2021course in fable1
graham costello’s strata2019obelisk1
motorpsycho2021kingdom of oblivion1
jon anderson1976olias of sunhillow1
modest mouse2021the golden casket1
the mountain goats2021dark in here1
roger chapman2021life in the pond1
amyl and the sniffers2019amyl and the sniffers1
smalltape2021the hungry heart2
manic street preachers2021the ultra vivid lament1
lindsey buckingham2021lindsey buckingham1
king gizzard and the lizard wizzard2021butterfly 30001
king gizzard and the lizard wizzard2020k.g.1
gerry rafferty2021rest in blue1
coldplay2021music of the spheres1
santana2021blessings and miracles1
tom petty1989full moon fever1
tom petty1981hard promises1
tom petty1991into the grest white open
tom petty1994wildflowers1
tom petty1979damn the torpedoes1
elton john2021the lockdown sessions1
barclay james harvest1975time honoured ghosts1
pfm2021i dreamed of electric sheep1
jackson browne1976the pretender1
portico quartet2021terrain1
king buffalo2021the burden of restlessness1
king buffalo2021acheron1
3rd ear band2021mosaics-the albums 1969-19723
the mountain goats2015beat the champ1
the mountain goats2020getting into knives1
3rd ear experience2021danny frankel’s 3rd ear experience1
eels2022extreme witchcraft1
rachel flowers2022bigger on the inside1
the ancestry program2022mysticeti ambassadors part 11
animal collective2022time skiffs1
alt-j2022the dream1
radical face2007ghost1
radical face2013the family tree – the branches1
radical face2016the family tree – the leaves1
radical face2012the family tree – the roots1
tillison reingold tiranti2021una storia1
isobar2022:isobar 21
von hertzen brothers2022red alert in the blue forest1
all them witches2022live on the internet2
red hot chili peppers2022unlimited love1
gil scott herondiverse alben12
frank zappa2022the mothers 1971 Super Deluxe8
kurt vile2022watch my moves1
tiger moth tales2022a song of spring1
archive2022call to arms & angels2
gabriel kahane2022magnificent bird1
the monochrome set2022allhallowtide1
arcade fire2022we1
everything everthing2022raw data feel1
yang2022designed for desaster1
belle and sebastian2022a bit of previous1
fabrizio de andrédiskografie24
porcupine tree2022closure continuation1
nancy sinatra & lee hazelwood2022nancy & lee1
the tangent2022songs from the hard shoulder1
ghost woman2022ghost woman1
the fixx1983reach the beach1
the fixx1984phantoms1
the fixx1986walkabout1
relevator sound system2022relevators1
and you will know us by the trail of death2022Xl-bleed here now1
jack white2022fear of the dawn2
god is an astronaut2022the beginning of the end1
the sadies2022colder streams1
closure in moscow2008the penance and the patience1
closure in moscow2009first temple1
closure in moscow2014pink lemonade1
black midi2022hellfire1
hot chip2022freakout-release1
bubblemath2017edit peptide1
king buffalo2022regenerator1
the dear hunter2022antimai1
wired ways2022wired ways1
built to spill2022when the wind forgets your name1
motorpsycho2022ancient astronauts1
dawes2022misadventures of doomscroller1
the smiths1986the queen is dead1
dead cab for cutie2003transatlaticism1
dead cab for cutie2005plans1
dead cab for cutie2022asphalt meadows1
red hot chili peppers2022return of the dream canteen2
beatles2022revolver super deluxe edition5
phoenix2022alpha zulu1
bill callahan2022reality1
kula shaker20221st congregational church of eternal love and free hugs1
fren2022all the pretty days1
wet leg2022wet leg1
polyphiaremember that you will die2022
polyphia2018new levels new devils1
ghost woman2023anne if1
belle and sebastian2023late developers1
robert forster2023the candle and the flame1
townes van zandtdiskografie15
gorillaz2023cracker island1
various artists2022soul’d out the complete wattstax collection7
sonic youth1998a thousand leaves:1
sonic youth1990goo1
sonic youth1985bad moon rising1
p.j.harvey2023i inside the old year dying1
soft machine2023other doors1
blur2023the ballad of darren1rem
pere ubu1979dub housing1
pere ubu1979new picnic time1
pere ubu1982song of the bailing man1
pere ubu2002st arkansas1
pere ubu1980the art of walking1
pere ubu1978the modern dance1
john martyn1973solid air1
pat methenydiskografie 1978-200514
banco del mutuo soccorso1973io sono nato libero1
the flower kings2000space revolver1
the flower kings2001the rainmaker1
the fixx2012beautiful friction1
the fixx2014live at the rockpalast1
the fixx1984phantoms1
the fixx1983reach the beach1
the fixx1982shuttered room1
the fixx1986walkabout1